First Ace after 22 years playing golf

First Ace after 22 years playing golf

I have been playing golf now for 22 years and had never made a hole in one until Tuesday August 5th, 2014. I have been a low single digit for many years and have hit many flags sticks on several different par 3s, but could never get the ball to drop in the hole! Last Tuesday, I stepped up on number 16 tee at Maple Ridge GC in Columbus, Ga, which laser'd 195 to the flag which was back right. With a slight breeze in my face, I select my 2013 Cllwy X-forged 4 iron with PXi 6.5, choked down about an inch and took a smooth swing making super clean contact with the new ProV1x 3. I am a high ball hitter and watched the ball land 2 to 3 feet left of hole high, bounced 2 to 3 times and rattle the stick. I let out the biggest yell ever I think! "OH MY GOD! THAT WENT IN!" I believe those were my exact words! I am glad it was on a longer, more difficult hole as that makes my story a little more exciting! Hopefully the next one will come easier and much sooner than another 22 years!

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