First one Par 4 HIO

First one Par 4 HIO

I've been playing for 31 years. I got my start playing for the high school golf team. I have never had a hole in one. My first one came at the same place I started playing... my high scool course. Im not usually not very animated on the course, but I made an exception for this one. Foster Golf in Tukwila Wa. #8 Par 4 - 268 yrds. I was hitting driver of course. Originally I thought I drove my ball through the green, but when I started stomping to the back of the green in anger, I saw my ball in the cup. The first thing I saw was one of three marks I put on my ball. I knew it was my ball instantly. What a great August night for me and my fouresome. We partied all night. We bought 18 rounds for the bar, and I will be telling my story for a lot longer. I do love this game!

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