Full House with no Ace In The Hole

I am a 31 year old SOP (Son of a Pro) who has played since I could walk. I am on average a 6 handicap and the best I have ever been. Having said that, I am still waiting on my first ACE. Please do not take me the wrong way. I am not disgruntled! I fell it is more exciting waiting for the first one, than it would be to have had one. Of course my first will be much cause for celebration, but anxiously waiting is what keeps it such an exciting game.

I did, however, have my fist opprtunity to write a gross 1 on a score card for a good friend of mine. On #2 at Meadowbrook Golf Club in Gainesville, FL, my friend Donnie one hopped the cup from 138 yards. I was just as excited for him as he was.

It's things like this that keep the game so intriguing. As I've heard before, "It's the game I love to hate and hate to love." We can't live with it, and can't live without it. Such a bitter sweet game we play.

I feel I have exhausted all the cliches, so congratulations to the ones who have a 1 on your card! For those of us who have no Ace-in-the-Hole, remember that you still have a full house as long as you have GOLF!

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