A Slice of the Good Life

A Slice of the Good Life

Was playing Crab Meadow Golf Course locates in Northport, New York. Showed up around 6:00 p.m. to save money with the twilight fees as I recently graduated college, and the piggy bank isn’t looking too good. We reached the third hole, a long par 3, about 160 yards. I took out my 7 iron, teed up the ball, and took my practice swing. My swing had been feeling funky on the earlier two holes, but they were fair shots. I then stared at the ball concentrating for what felt like 5 minutes, but in reality was all about 10 seconds. I pulled my club back, and finally released the club at its apex. I swung down on the ball but it did not feel good at all. The shot was a little to the right, but sliced left. The ball bounced perfectly on to the green, as the flag was set to the left on the slightly uphill green. The ball took about two bounces then slowly meandered to what seemed to be the conforming green. All of a sudden, I could hear the pole ring. The sun was starting to set, so my depth perception and sight were not optimal to say the least. We rode the cart up, me expecting the ball to be a little ways off on the green. To my excitement, we pull up to the hole, and my ball is nowhere to be found. My buddy, whom I was playing with, screamed out, “ITS IN THE HOLE!” I sprinted over (not an exaggeration at all), and there it was. I had been playing with mostly VICE balls, but for some reason, this shot was a titleist 3 (not sure what kind of ball) with a Verizon label on the side. Wow... my first ever hole in one.

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