Coup De Grâce Annual Golf Trip

Coup De Grâce Annual Golf Trip

17th hole at my favorite Michigan golf course, Red Hawk Golf Club. Just played 72 holes the previous 4 days in our annual golf trip to Northeast Michigan. 2 more holes and done for the year. (May play more, now) Playing with Uncle Bill, Dish and Kev. Rest of the "Final Shot" group playing behind us. 8 iron, 141 yards, elevated green, slight breeze in our face and a bit left to right. Hole was in shadow of trees surrounding green. Hit with a fade. Dish said it hit the pin, Kev said it went in, Bill and I didn't see it. I walked up to green (helped Bill look for his layup shot ball) Kev and Dish said to grab my wedge and putter because I was off the green. Walked up to greenside where the guys were standing and asked where my ball was. Kevin said, "Look in the hole". I go back and look in hole and there is my Titleist 2 staring at me!! What a way to end a great weekend with my friends.

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