It was a hot day hardly anyone was around except my group of 5 and 6 others that I could see from where I was. I lined up and with sweet running down my face and already hot and tired from only 6 hole before. I hit the ball and it flew like a startled deer in hunting season, and it went over the 150 yards that I expected it to go. I went 180 + yards and sank right in to the cup. I did not even see it with all the sweat in my eyes. My team mate James started jumping up and down and yelling at me I thought I must of hit some one or nailed a squirrel on the course. But then I found out that I sunk it in. I was ecstatic and could hardly jump, because the heat had zapped my strength. But when we got over the green sure enough it was resting at the bottom of that little cup. It was the third one that I have hit since I started golfing in the mid 70's.

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