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71 Replies

  1. Jfairway


  2. Deno

    I've learned more more on this site than I ever imagined.  Honored to be a Team Titleist member. Job well done!


  3. David C

    All i can say after being fitted for the nxt/nxt tour as well playing with the pro v1x is WOW. i have played the nike ndx turbo and the titleist wins hands down. the only problem i have is now i have to adjust my swing speed on second shots and around the greens due to twice the distance  from the old ball i played.

    being 70 years young with club head speed of 76mph my driving distance  increased by 35 yards. second shots by 40 yards. kept over shooting the greens. for me Titleist is the ball to play. i would like to suggest one thing and that is a yellow ball. my age group does have vision problems as we age and the yellow is much better to pick up.

    Best thing i have ever done is go to a fitting. mine was at Texas Star in Euless Texas. i might say as well, the team you had here was OUTSTANDING.

    David Colvard

    Bedford Tteas.

  4. Jim W

    First of all, I would like to apologgize for the delay in responding to my initial survey.  I have recently relocated from New York to North Carolina and my computers were lost in transit.  I was provided with new Titleist test balls to compare with my regularly played ball (Titlleist NXT )  I found the text ball to sliightly achieve greater distance off the driver and also with the second shot (on long par fours and par fives).  the test ball however, seemed to have a much greater spin rate on the short iron shots. I was impressded with the stopping ability with the test ball and certainly would be interested in playing it when it comes on the market.  Thank you for allowling me to participate in your survey.  Sincerely, Jim W.

  5. George H

    Please send me the website address so that I can send in my playing comments on the new test ball.

  6. guitarsmike

    I played 2 rounds with the Prototype balls and found that my iron shot were about 5 yards longer than the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. I also found the new cover to be more durable. I look forward to using the new ball next season.

  7. Rodney R

    Thank you for sending me a sleeve of the prototype pro V1's and giving me a chance to participate in your golf ball testing. I think they was alittle longer off the tee with the driver than my pro V1x's. The feel of a well struck shot with the irons was great, alittle softer feel than the x's. This is a great ball and look forward to playing it again. I had to use 1 per 9 holes as the cover seemed to cut easy on good shots.

  8. duane m

    The new prototype ball seems to spin more then the Pro V1x but not nearly as much as the Pro V1.   I found the prototype to be softer feeling then the Pro V1x but harder then the Pro V1.  Approach shots seem to back up more with prototype compared to Pro V1x but not the  Pro v1.  The prototype seems to have attributes that place its performance in between the Pro V1x and the Pro V1.  I like this ball alot but prefer the Pro V1x.  I would use the prototype ball on cold days much like I do with the Pro V1 now.  The Pro V1x is still a better ball for a higher swing speed.  It seems to provide more overall accuracy due to less spin.  It has a more boring flight and is easier to control in windy conditions.  Once the prototype hits the stores I will no longer use the Pro V1.  The prototype is better then the Pro V1.  The only two balls I will use now will be the Pro V1x and the prototype.  

  9. Dave D

    Very difficult navigating the website!!!!!!!!!!  would like to provide feedback after testing the prototype balls.  

  10. Deno

    Lots of info on the site.  Great job TeamTitleist Staff as always.  Pleased to be associated with #1 golf company.

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