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7 Replies

  1. Bill R

    I had a Titleist ball fitting at my club. I would play other brands. After the fitting and two ball test the Provx proved to be the best ball for me. After 3 months and some ball switching I realize  the Provx dose make a difference in my game.No more switching

  2. Daniel W

    Got the 909 D3 this fall and love it so much I just bought AP2 irons. Looks like your hybrids and woods are next.

    P.S. Used the ball fitting tool on website and it suggested proV1x for me. Switched from my other brands and have gotten about 10 yards across the board. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

  3. Darin M

    Still working on getting my 910 D3 driver. It may be summer before i score the 910 hybrid. My 503H is a little tired.

  4. Jim P

    I have about  used up my last years order of PRO V1x balls.  When will I be able to advance custom order the new Pro Vx?


    Jim P

  5. Anton N

    Just played my new AP1 710's and they are GREAT!  Well  Balanced clubs, straight shooters with just the right flight - giving me extra distance.  I bought head covers to keep them looking good.  My playing partners are jealous as I took 5 strokes off my score the first time I played.

  6. Deno

    Great survey.  I am proud to be able to support the Titleist brand.    

    Golf without Titleist?  The game wouldn't be the same.


  7. Michael R

    What the firm date when I can get my hands on the 910 fairway and hybrid ?