What's in Zach Johnson's Bag?


With unwavering belief in himself and trust in his equipment, Titleist brand ambassador Zach Johnson secured his place in golf history by winning the 2007 Masters Tournament. Congratulations Zach. With challenging conditions at Augusta National and the world's best players surrounding him, Johnson displayed patience and perseverance to earn his first major championship and second career PGA TOUR title. Johnson's previous win was at the 2004 BellSouth Classic in just his 13th PGA TOUR start.

Johnson, relying upon the New Titleist Pro V1x golf ball, Pro Titanium 905R (8.5) driver, 503.H (19.0) utility iron, 735.CM (3-4) and 695CB (5-9) irons, Vokey Design pitching (48) and sand (54) wedges and a Vokey Design Spin Milled lob wedge (60) for his success, posted three birdies in a crucial four-hole stretch on the back nine on Sunday en route to his two-shot victory. Johnson closed with a 3-under 69 to finish at 1-over 289, tying for the day's best round and for the highest winning overall score in Masters history.

You may remember the posting on this blog April 3: Bob Vokey with Zach Johnson: This is what Voke had to say about Zach's preparation for the Masters:

"Zach was looking to tweak his wedges a little bit in preparation for the Masters, especially his 60°. He is going to experience a lot of tight lies and fast greens at Augusta National, so he was looking for a lob wedge with a little less trailing edge and a little less bounce that he could more easily slide underneath the ball. I also made him a couple Spin Milled backups for all his wedges and sent them to his home so he could practice with them during his off week. His current wedges were getting worn and he wanted a little more bite this week. Zach had a Top 10 finish at Doral. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get another one at Augusta."- The Voke

Golf Ball New Titleist Pro V1x
Driver Pro Titanium 905R driver 8.5°
Shaft Aldila NV 75 graphite shaft
Utility Iron 503.H utility iron 19°
Shaft UST iRod Hybrid 90
Irons Titleist 735.CM 3-4
Shaft True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel
Irons Titleist 695CB 5-9
Shaft True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel
Pitching Wedge Vokey Design 200 Series Pitching Wedge 48°
Sand Wedge Vokey Design 200 Series Sand Wedge 54°
Lob Wedge Vokey Design Spin Milled Lob Wedge 60°
Shafts True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel

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72 Replies

  1. Mark D

    Now using a Titleist 909H 909H / 21 Degree / Aldila VooDoo-SFlex / Standard Lie / Full Cord Grip

  2. Robert Sellman


    You should consult with an authorized Titleist club fitter to help you determine the proper shaft flex for your Titleist clubs.

  3. Robert Sellman

    do you think with a clubhead speed of no less than 106 mph i should be playing x flex shafts?

  4. Robert Sellman

    Be sure to visit <a href="http://www.titleist.com" rel="nofollow">Titleist.com</a> often for the most up to date new product information.

  5. Robert Sellman

    I noticed that Zach uses the 735.CM 3 and 4 irons.  I play the full set, and absolutely love them!  Will Titleist be coming out with another blended set of irons in the near future?  Any chance in the next set that they will also make the 7 iron a muscle back, so just the 2-6 are cavity backs?

  6. Robert Sellman

    Zach uses soft stepped Dynamic Gold X-100 shafts in all of his irons.

  7. Robert Sellman

    What flex does Zach play in his wedges?

  8. Robert Sellman

    I am currently looking to change the shaft in my 905R driver.  Do I buy the shaft and have my club pro make it bore-thru, or do I buy it already set up for the driver? If so, what specs should I look for?

  9. Robert Sellman

    Please contact the Titleist Repair Department at 1-800-742-7609 to speak with someone about re-shafting your driver.

  10. Robert Sellman

    Golf Pride Tour Velvet, .620" with rib.

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