Zach Johnson Answers Some Golf Ball Questions

We received a couple questions regarding Zach Johnson's golf ball usage and its performance at The Masters, so we went straight to Zach for his video response when we caught up with him at the Verizon Heritage... 1) What went into Zach Johnson's decision to play the New Pro V1x versus the New Pro V1? 2) I'd like to ask Zach Johnson if he noticed any differences in the normal distances he hit the golf ball due to the cold weather at Augusta and if so, how did he adjust to it? Click here to see what Zach had to say.

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2 Replies

  1. Robert Sellman

    We prefer to test players live on the golf course versus on the launch monitor.  Even though we, as a company, know exactly what the numbers and results are from the launch monitors, they don't describe "sound and feel."  These are key components for Tour players.  As for how they test, every player is different.  Some players are trying to maximize distance, so their first impression of a new ball is with the driver.  Other players start right on the green with putts, short chips, and wedge shots from 40 yarrds in.  Once I have worked with a player and he is pretty comfortable with a new ball, I give him my final "litmus test."  I ask what his "pet shot" is under the gun.  For some players it is a knock down 7 or 8 iron, and some players can hit a specific type of shot in the fairway most every time with their driver.  If they can't hit their "pet shot" with a new product, we go back to the drawing board.

    It is truly amazing to test guys at this level.  You would be shocked at how exact they are on distance control and with the different types of shots they hit.

    -- Mac Fritz

  2. Robert Sellman

    Hey guys,

    When players are considering a ball to play on Tour, do they work from the greens back to the tee, or vice versa?  Do they monitor each ball's performance on the launch monitor with every club? it just a feel or gut instinct?