On the Range with Steve Stricker

We spoke with Titleist ambassador Steve Stricker earlier this week as he prepared for the inaugural AT&T National at Congressional Country Club in suburban Washington D.C. This is Steve's first tournament since contending in the U.S. Open in mid-June.

Steve's set composition includes the new Pro V1 golf ball and thirteen Titleist golf clubs: Pro Titanium 905T driver (8.5°, UST Proforce V2), PT 906F2 fairway (13°, UST Proforce V2), PT 585.H utility (17°, Fujikura Speeder 904), 755 irons (3-P, Project X), and Vokey Design wedges (54° (bent to 53°) and 60°, Dynamic Gold with Sensicore).

Be sure to check out these photos from the range at Congressional...

Titleist ambassador Steve Stricker talks about his PT 906F2 fairway with Titleist Tour Representative Steve Mata.

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40 Replies

  1. Robert Sellman

    Hi Steve,  I was a pro prior to 2000, had wrist surgery to my left wrist and it is now fused.  I can no longer release the club at the bottom or set it at the top.  It is more like a 3/4 knock down shot, it seems similar to your swing.  The ball flight is good a lot lower then it use to be, ball produces a lot of spin, so Irons stop ok but Driver has no roll.  before surgery 112-115 mph now 97-102 mph I seem to push through with the right hand at impact  what is your thought pull or push any advice?  will be 50 in one year looking to try for seniors.  thanks Ben

  2. Robert Sellman

    None of our players does this within the iron set, although some do use softer flex shafts in their wedges.

  3. Robert Sellman

    Do any players choose to play different flexes within their irons?  Like 6.5 in 4-6, soft-tipped 6.5 in the 7-9, and 6.0 in their wedges?  Somewhat of a flatter frequency line?

  4. Robert Sellman

    Stiff flex.

  5. Robert Sellman

    What shaft flex does he use in his wedges?

  6. Robert Sellman

    Steve uses a Project X 6.5 Standard

  7. Robert Sellman

    What flex of Project X does Steve Stricker use? 6.0  6.5 7.0?  Are they soft tipped or just standard trim?

  8. Robert Sellman

    What are the weights of the shafts that Steve Stricker and Adam Scott play? What are their swing speeds?

  9. Robert Sellman

    As noted in the post, Steve uses Dynamic Gold with Sensicore shafts in his wedges. As far as which wedge shaft our iron Project X players use, there's a little of everything.  For example, Steve uses the DG with Sensicore as mentioned, Tom Pernice Jr. uses Rifle shafts, and Frank Lickliter II stays with the Project X.

  10. Robert Sellman

    What shafts does Steve use in his wedges?  What shafts are the Titleist ambassadors that choose the standard Project X shafts for their irons typically using in their wedges?  Do most stick with Project X, or the Rifle spinners, or something not made by Rifle all together?

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