Sindelar Makes a New Mark on his Titleist

Associated Press golf writer Doug Ferguson recently reported on a change that Pro V1 loyalist Joey Sindelar has made to the mark on his Titleist golf balls:

Ever since felt pens have been in vogue, Joey Sindelar has marked his golf ball with one blue dot above and below the number. But over the last few months, he has switched to a single red dot. That's a tribute to his son, Jamie, a high school senior who recently decided to attend Ohio State.

"I said to him, 'When you pick a school, that's going to be the color,'" said Sindelar, who played for the Buckeyes in the late 1970s.

As he went to mark his ball, Sindelar figured he should incorporate the marching band's tradition of the incomparable "Script Ohio" at football games. That red dot is strategically placed over the "i" in Titleist.

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