Ben Crane at The PLAYERS

Caught up with Ben Crane who shared his unique ball marking with us.  The three-time All-Pac-10 selection at the University of Oregon shows off his school colors by drawing the logo on his Pro V1x.  First, Ben colors over the number with a yellow Sharpie and then outlines it in green, for the perfect "O" design.  While Ben drew the artwork on a number 4 golf ball on Wednesday, he said he only uses number 4's during practice rounds and saves the 1's, 2's and 3's for competitive tournament play. Interestingly, Ben doesn't like to know who he is going to be paired with before a round.  Just let him know what his tee time is.  He explains it by saying, "When I first got out here, I looked up to alot of these guys who I was now playing with, so I didn't want to go to bed thinking about it.  Now, its just kind of become my routine."  We didn't tell him, but we knew one of the players he was teeing it up with at 9:15 a.m. on Thursday was fellow Titleist ambassador Stephen Leaney. photo gallery of Ben at The PLAYERS.

Ben Crane at The PLAYERS

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