Steve Stricker's 909D3 Fitting Yields Eye Appeal, Confidence and a Preferred Shot Shape

Titleist Brand Ambassador Steve Stricker and his 909D3 driver.

Titleist Brand Ambassador Steve Stricker was fit for his 909 Driver earlier this summer by Titleist PGA Tour Representative Fordie Pitts. Having three driver models with unique performance characteristics allowed Strick to select a driver that both fits his eye and significantly increases his driver performance.

"Strick is a high ball speed player who could use less spin, and he likes the look of a driver with a smaller head," said Fordie. "It's been difficult for him to move into a 460cc head and maintain the profile he likes. I knew we had the driver for him. The more compact profile of the 440cc 909D3 exceeded Strick's demand for great looks, and the lower CG reduced his spin rate almost 300 rpm giving him valuable gains in distance and accuracy."

Strick added, "I like a driver that sits square at address and a profile that's pleasing to my eye. In addition, I want to turn the ball over with less spin. My 909D3 does all of that. I can even tee the ball lower with this driver and hit bullets without worrying about the ball up-shooting."

See a summary of Steve's before and after launch conditions below:

Model 909D3 905T
Loft 8.5° 8.5°
Shaft UST Proforce V2 85 UST Proforce V2 85
Flex X X
Ball Speed 170 mph 170 mph
Launch 10.6° 10.3°
Spin 2452 rpm 2732 rpm


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2 Replies

  1. Robert Sellman

    I would love to see the stats on Adam Scott's before and after launch conditions between 905R and 909D2. Titleist is the standard!

  2. Robert Sellman

    This is such great information.  Please continue to post more items like this about all of your players.  Seeing the launch conditions and what they are fitted for is so helpful!  I would love to see other players' driver launch monitor numbers with fittings and also iron launch monitor fittings would be very helpful.

    Keep up the great work guys.  This site is a testament to golf and to the greatness of Titleist!