Titleist Brand Ambassadors Zach Johnson and Adam Scott Finish 1-2 at Sony Open

Titleist Brand Ambassador Zach Johnson fired four consecutive rounds in the 60's to edge fellow Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott by two shots at the first full-field event of the 2009 season, the Sony Open in Hawaii. Scott tied for second with Titleist golf ball loyalist David Toms, both of whom trusted the new 2009 Pro V1 for their success.

Johnson closed with a 5-under 65 to finish at 15-under 265 at Waialae, securing his fifth career PGA Tour title. Scott fired a final round 6-under 64, while Toms closed with a 66. Johnson is off to a scorching start this season, finishing 6th at the season-opening, winners-only Mercedes-Benz Championship last week. Statistically, Johnson tied for 3rd in Driving Accuracy with his Titleist 909D2 driver. He also displayed a masterful iron game, thanks in part to the new set of AP2 irons he put in the bag last week at Kapalua. Zach had this to say about the change to his irons:

"(last season) My lower mid-irons were different than my upper irons and now I'm straight AP2s because of the shot and spin rate I'm putting out. It's been fantastic. I think they are a little bit more consistent. I think they are a little bit -- consistent as far as trajectory and spin, which is great. It's just a matter of technology and getting better and better, and certainly Titleist putting the right ball with the right club in my hand, essentially what it comes down to."

Hear what Zach had to say in his post-victory interview by clicking on the video player below.


Zach Johnson

Here's what Zach had in the bag at Waialae:

Zach Johnson

Golf Ball Pro V1x
909D2 (8.5°)
Mitsubishi Diamana Blue 73X
909F2 (13.5°)
Mitsubishi Diamana White 73
909F2 (18.5°)
Fujikura ZCOM Pro95
909H (21.0)
Fujikura Speeder 904HB
AP2 (4-9)
True Temper Dynamic Gold

Vokey Design (48°, prototype 54°)
Vokey Spin Milled (60-V)
True Temper Dynamic Gold

Click here for more details on Zach's victory at the Sony Open on titleist.com.

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7 Replies

  1. Robert Sellman

    Zach likes the V grind because it has more bounce angle on the forward bounce surface than some of the other grinds.  It also features heel, toe and trailing edge relief that allows for versatility and shotmaking from a variety of turf conditions, enabling Zach to open or close the clubface while maintaining the leading edge in a position close to the ground.

  2. Robert Sellman

    Using the same techniques that are outlined in the <a href="www.fittingworks.com/.../LongGameFitting.aspx" rel="nofollow">Titleist FittingWorks Long Game Fitting Methodology</a>, Zach has determined that the 21° <a href="www.titleist.com/.../909H.asp" rel="nofollow">909H</a> offers him a more playable trajectory at a preferred  yardage gap than a 3-iron.

  3. Robert Sellman

    Why exactly does Zach use a 60 with a V grind, and what are the benefits to using the V grind?

  4. Robert Sellman

    Why doesn't Zach use a 3 iron, instead of the 21° 909H?

  5. Robert Sellman

    Thanks for all the information. Made me realize to make sure I try all the different shafts with my 3 wood and hybrid instead of just throwing the same shaft as what I get fitted for my driver.

  6. Robert Sellman

    Zach is actually using the Diamana Blue 73 in his driver, Diamana White 73 in his 13.5° 909F2, and then the ZCOM Pro95 in his 18.5° 909F2 and the Speeder 904HB in his hybrid.  The Diamana Blue helped Zach increase his launch angle with his 909D2, as chronicled in this <a href="www.titleistblog.com/.../" rel="nofollow">post about his driver fitting</a>. The rest of those shafts share similar characteristics (high bend point, low torque, heavier weight) that match Zach's aggressive swing style and allow him to control his trajectory with those clubs.  The shafts also get progressively heavier from the 13.5° to the hybrid which helps transition to the weight of the steel shafts in Zach's AP2s.

  7. Robert Sellman

    I was wondering why Zach chose the ZCOM and the Speeder in the 18.5° & Hybrid rather than sticking with the Diamana Blue like in the driver and 13.5°.