18 Questions with Bob Vokey on GolfChannel.com

U.S. Open week has arrived and Team Titleist is on the ground at Bethpage. The track is wet and playing long, and we will keep you up-to-date when our Titleist Brand Ambassadors make any adjustments to their set compositions in preparation for Thursday's official start.

To kick things off, Titleist wedge craftsman Bob Vokey sat down recently with Tour Insider and GolfChannel.com equipment editor David Allen for an in-depth interview which he tabbed "18 Questions with Bob Vokey." Some good inside stuff with the Voke, who will be one of the busiest men at Bethpage Black today through Wednesday. With over 40 percent of the field carrying at least one Vokey Design wedge in his bag, chances are good that another major champion will be thanking Voke come Sunday.

Click here to read the interview on GolfChannel.com.

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5 Replies

  1. Robert Sellman


    Although he would like to help anyone with an interest in being properly fit for their wedges in order to improve their wedge play, Voke is extremely busy designing wedges for Titleist as well as working with the best players in the world.  Fittings with Voke are currently limited to those set up through our leadership team.

  2. Robert Sellman

    Hi, how can I get time with Bob to fit me out?

  3. Robert Sellman


    Current Vokey Design wedges do not feature grooves that will conform with the new regulation, however, we will offer new wedges that do. Keep in mind, also, that unless you plan to qualify and/or compete in elite-level professional events (i.e., PGA Tour, U.S. Open) in 2010, your current wedges will be legal for play until 2014, and possibly until 2024 depending on the types of tournaments in which you compete.

  4. Robert Sellman

    My biggest concern right now is with the Vokey wedges. I have two Vokeys I use. My gap and Spin Milled sand wedge. There have been no better wedges I have used so far. They do what you want them to do providing YOU put a decent swing into it.

    I firmly believe they are everything and more and not just hype, but the reputation of these wedges have on tour. My main concern is the new "V" groove issue the USGA will put in place next season and how, if at all, does this effect the Vokey wedges?

    Will my wedges still meet the specs of being legal for tournament play? Will I have to buy new wedges and is Titleist coming out with new "conforming" wedges the public can buy? Or are the wedges we currently own meeting the standards?

  5. Robert Sellman

    If you ever get the chance to meet Mr. Vokey, he is one of the nicest guys you will ever come across.  He also makes a really good wedge.  Keep up the great work Voke!