Going Dutch on the European Tour!

With many players returning from events in the US (most notably the USPGA Championship), the European Tour and the Titleist Tour Support Vehicle (TTSV) were back in “full effect” for the KLM Open.

Kennemer Golf and Country Club, near Zandvoort in the Netherlands, is one of the shorter courses on the European Tour calendar measuring 6,626 yards. Designed by Harry Colt and opened in 1927, the links nature of the course, plus the strong winds, always makes it a challenge.

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A lot of Titleist staffers were waiting in eager anticipation of the TTSV arriving in Holland, as they were waiting to get their hands on new sets of next generation AP2 irons. Scheduled to be introduced this autumn, alongside AP1, CB and MB irons, the following Titleist Ambassadors have put new AP2s into their bag for this week:

Talking about the new irons, Brett Rumford said: “I get a stronger flight from the next generation AP2s and they feel softer.” The introduction of a co-moulded medallion into the cavity has delivered this new level of feel and, along with less bounce on the shorter irons, all of the players are loving their new sets! We’ll bring you more on new iron introductions as they are available!

Full liner Carlos Del Moral has been working hard with his coach, leading to a few changes in his swing. These changes needed to be mirrored in his club set up and so all of his irons (Titleist ZB) had to be bent to 2° upright by the Titleist Tour Team (TTT). Tour Technician Phil Dimmock also built a 2 iron in AP2 for Carlos, as he wanted something to provide a bit more control off the tee given the windy conditions. The specs for the new 2 iron were:

Club: AP2 2-iron
Shaft: Dynamic Gold Lite X100
Length: Standard
Grip: V55C round
Loft: 1° strong
Lie: 2° upright
Swingweight: D3

The TTT also fitted Carlos for a new driver as he wants to work the ball a bit more and therefore needed something to go a bit higher. The specs of his new driver are:

Club: 909 D2 8.5°
Shaft: Attas 7X X-stiff tipped 1.5”
Length: 45” Grip: V55C round
Swingweight: D3

Titleist Ambassador Bernd Wiesberger wanted to check out his driver on the Trackman launch monitor, as he felt that he was spinning it too much on occasions. Tour Rep Mattias Jelver found that, on mishits, it did spin too much and he was hitting it too high every now and again. The TTT decided to build him exactly the same driver, but with one degree less loft – this seemed to deliver more penetration on off-centre hits. Keep your eye on Bernd’s driving stats. The specs of the new driver are:

Club: 909 D3 8.5°
Shaft: Motore 75 x-stiff
Length: 45”
Grip: Tour Velvet 58R
Swingweight: D3

The TTSV has moved on to Gleneagles in Scotland already for next week’s Johnnie Walker Championship, which always draws a strong field. We’ll be lurking around the practice ground and poking our head through the door of the TTSV’s workshop to bring you up to date on what’s going in the bag! We’ll hopefully be able to see more of the new irons in bags and will try to get some pictures for you! In the meantime, happy golfing!

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