Update From Adam Scott - Preparing for The PLAYERS


It's Sunday afternoon and I'm packing up my hotel room to head out to the airport soon. I stayed the weekend in Charlotte after missing the cut on Friday to get some much needed practice. Needless to say it was a tough week at Quail Hollow. I was out of rhythm and unfortunately it showed on my scorecard. There are some weeks you can grind it out and find yourself still there on the weekend and other times when nothing seems to feel right. I started working with a new putter this week and was having some issues with the feel of it. I've worked a lot with it since Friday and now feeling a lot better with it.

Meanwhile off the course, I'll be making an announcement regarding a new Foundation project in the next couple of weeks. The ASF advisory board is working on the final details of the project plans so it will be forthcoming soon. Also, as soon as the iSwing Golf Analyzer application goes LIVE I'll post a message on Facebook and Twitter as well as news from THE PLAYERS next week.

Gotta run to the airport but I'll be in touch next week from Ponte Vedra Beach at THE PLAYERS Championship.

Until then, take care.

Adam working on his putting stroke.

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1 Replies

  1. ian w

    I hope he has a good week at the TPC.  He's due for a win.