On the Road with the Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting Team

One of Titleist's three Performance Golf Ball Fitting vans sat parked Wednesday behind the 11th tee at Wollaston Golf Club, a private club in the Boston suburb of Milton, Mass., pointing down a cart path that led to both the club's driving range – and a free education.

Just a couple weeks after hitting the road, three members of the East Coast Performance Golf Ball Fitting team – John, Patty and Mike – were busy on the range helping Wollaston members identify the best Titleist golf balls for their games.

As the Wollaston members learned, Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting is about lowering your score, not only about distance. (Read all about Titleist's Green to Tee approach here.)

One member, Bill, had taken a friend's advice last year to switch to a competitor's ball, but admitted that "I still don't think I was getting the most bang for my buck."

Hitting balls in front of a TrackMan launch monitor during his 15-minute Performance Ball Fitting appointment Wednesday, Bill, a 5-handicapper, took a strong liking to the Titleist Pro V1 because of the "feel, spin and control," especially from 100 yards and in.

But Bill also found that the Pro V1x  seemed to straighten out his long iron shots, which he said had a tendency to drift as the clubs got longer.

"The Pro V1x will tighten that dispersion," Ball Fitting team member John told him.

John handed Bill two-ball sleeves of both the Pro V1 and Pro V1x, along with an On Course Evaluation Scorecard (you can download your own scorecard here) that will help him track which golf ball performs best for each type of shot before making a final selection.

"I just would have picked the Pro V1x without this fitting. I'm surprised, but I'm psyched to get out and try it," said Bill, who hopped in his cart and drove off to the first tee.

"He seemed like he was going to take advantage of the scorecard comparison," said John.

Another member, Richard, had been playing the Pro V1 but admitted that he "wasn't sure he was playing the right one," especially after receiving some Titleist NXT Tour golf balls as a gift from a family member.

Having lost some of his club head speed over the years, Richard found Wednesday that the Pro V1 was definitely the ball for him.

"That's very helpful to know, because I know which ball I should be playing," said Richard, who worked with Ball Fitting team member Patty. "When you have a positive feel about the situation, that helps a great deal."

Also on the range Wednesday at Wollaston was former Boston Bruins player Tommy Songin, who stopped by the Performance Ball Fitting tent quickly before heading out to a hockey camp.

While Songin didn't have enough time for the 15-minute fitting in front of the TrackMan, he was able to spare the three minutes needed for a walk-up fitting with Ball Fitting team member Mike. (TrackMan fittings are typically scheduled ahead of time through the pro shop.)

Songin, who plays a Pro V1x, reconfirmed that he was already playing the best ball for his game.

But are you? Be sure to be on the lookout for a Performance Golf Ball Fitting van at your club, or get fit online by clicking here.


Click the picture below to view images from the day Wollaston.


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4 Replies

  1. Robert Sellman

    I would like to see this come to clubs in Australia

  2. memphisunited

    Looking forward to getting to one of these fittings.  

  3. Ryan Crysler

    Awesome stuff.  I would love to see and hear the team's thoughts about their approach to fitting players.

  4. Robert Sellman

    I've done the online fitting--and have played all 3 models out on the course. I love the added spin on the greens, so I've narrowed down to Prov1 and 1x. As a higher handicap whose fade can turn into a push slice, will Prov1x help keep the side spin down a bit off driver? It's hard for me to tell in actual play because my swing is inconsistent, so I defer to you guys.

    Also, do you post your schedule anywhere so we can know where to find the ball fitting van?


    -Tim W.