Paul Goydos (Pro V1) shoots 59 at John Deere Classic

Pro V1 loyalist Paul Goydos shot a 12-under 59 early Thursday afternoon at the John Deere Classic, rolling his Pro V1 #5 in for birdie from 7 feet, 3 inches on No. 18 to reach golf's magic number – or what he would later call both a "mythical" and "iconic" number "in our game."

Goydos, 46, birdied eight of his final nine holes for a back-nine 28 at the par-71 TPC Deere Run. He missed one fairway and two greens in regulation, taking only 22 putts. He made 12 birdies, four on the front and eight on the back, and no bogeys.

In total, he made over 180 feet in birdie putts.

What was he thinking out there?" "Well, obviously I wasn't thinking," said the affable Goydos, who stands at a fitting 5-foot-9. "If I was thinking I think I would shoot 74 or 75. You know, it was just a good day."

Goydos is only the fourth player in PGA Tour history to shoot 59.

Here are some highlights from Goydos' press conference following his historic round:

• (On his final putt on 18) "I was pretty nervous standing there looking around. I was probably as nervous as I've been over a putt in my life was on that putt. And again, the putt would have gone in a thimble. Don't know why. That's just the way it went today."

• (On if he had been playing well lately) "I was getting better, but we've gone from, you know, I mean it's gone from climbing a hill in your backyard to being on the moon."

• (On if he ever thought about shooting 59) "I think that it'ds a goal in your career to break 60. If you get to that level, and there's not that many people that get a chance to set that goal, and I've had some close calls, or close call really, but yeah, I would think that would be -- at the end when I look back and I'm not playing anymore, winning on the PGA Tour is a big deal, but individual, I've got 10 hole-in-ones. I've got three double eagles. 59 is one of those things I'm going to look at and say that's pretty cool."

• (On the turning point of the round) "I would say that the key start to the round was probably on 5. I missed my only fairway and really caught a good break. Hit it in the right trees and the right trees are dead. I'm walking off the tee thinking I gotta chip out, and I get down there and my ball had actually gotten crooked enough to where I got into an opening where I could go over this one tree and get it on the green and I actually got on the green and ended up making about an 8-footer for two-putt to stay 2-under after 5; and that was a pretty good catalyst to the round.
And then I birdied 6 and 7 after that to get to shoot 4-under on that nine. And then the craziness just blurted out of me."

• (On his thought process over the final three holes) "... I kind of realized walking to the (16th) tee if I birdied the last three holes, I could shoot 59. And they talk about you don't talk to the pitcher when he's got a no-hitter going, blah, blah, blah, but the reality is in that situation three holes to go, that's a pretty good challenge to yourself, and that's what I did, see if you can birdie three holes, see if you can make good swings and make good strokes and see what happens. If you're playing this well, let's enjoy it. Let's try to make the most of it and have a good time. I think trying to ignore what you're shooting and just try and one shot at a time or whatever is your only shot, you kind of lose sense of the fun of what we're trying to do in that particular situation, in my opinion. And I kind of decided let's have a good time and see what happens."



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    This is awesome!!!!  Way to Paul!