Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting: Consistency is the Key

In choosing the best golf ball for your game, consistency should be at the center of attention.

That's one of the most important messages being relayed to golfers by the Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting teams as they tour the country educating golfers on Titleist's green-to-tee methodology and helping them identify the Titleist golf ball that will help them shoot lower scores.

Consider the following three common misconceptions heard recently at Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fittings:

1. Distance is the most important aspect in choosing a golf ball.

"Distance is king to most consumers," says John Fizer, a member of the East Coast Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting team. "Even after we explain to them that all Titleist golf balls are long at all swing speeds, and land within 3-4 yards of each other, many people still think they will hit one 10 yards longer."

Differences between models off the driver for swing speeds ranging from tour players (near 110 mph) down to lower speed players (in the 80s mph) are less than four yards.

Game-changing distance is potentially obtainable through physical fitness, swing improvements and club fitting – but not the golf ball that you choose to play.

Titleist's green-to-tee methodology is based on the fact that most scoring opportunities are created by shots into the target, and improving your short game will have the most game-changing affects.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, shorter putts go in more often. Hitting the ball closer to the pin with more consistency will lower your score.

2. If you are not spinning the golf ball back on the green, it is not spinning.

"Most people look at spin as either backspin or sidespin, or as an absolute – either it happens or it doesn’t," says Fizer. "Spin is the real game changer, and explaining to them that there are different levels of spin is very helpful."

All golfers will shoot lower scores with a golf ball that provides optimal scoring spin – the spin that you get with short irons and wedges.

The shorter the shot, the larger the spin difference. Trusting how your golf ball is going to perform from these distances is critical to shooting lower scores and becoming a more consistent player.

3. Playing more than one type of golf ball has no affect on your game.

"One of the most interesting patterns we’ve noticed is the inconsistency in ball choice," Fizer says. "We've met a number of golfers who do not buy the same golf ball each time they purchase golf balls, and play whichever ball gets pulled from the bag.

"This can really impact a golfer's game, since changing the golf ball changes every shot."

There is a reason Titleist golf ball loyalists on the worldwide professional tours go through an extensive fitting process in order to find and trust a single type of Titleist golf ball: In order to shoot your best scores, you need to know what to expect from your golf ball on every shot.

The only way to achieve that is to consistently play with the same golf ball every time you tee it up.

Be sure to be on the lookout for a Performance Golf Ball Fitting van at your club, or start the process yourself by clicking here.

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2 Replies

  1. Gary W

    I have noticed that some balls launch higher off of a little pitch shot, compared to the ProV1x and ProV1.  Why?

  2. JERRY H