Bob Vokey: Your Questions Answered (Part II)

Here are Master Craftsman Bob Vokey's answers to four more of the nearly 1,000 questions asked by members of Team Titleist and Vokey Nation last week.

There's a lot of great insight here from "The Voke" – who will also be doing a live webcast on Tuesday, Nov. 16, at 6 p.m. EST (3 p.m. PST), with our friends over at GolfWRX – so be sure to study up.

Tomorrow morning, we will be posting Bob's answers to the final three questions. (If you missed Bob's answers to the first three questions, click here.) Stay tuned!

Mike T. of Baltimore, Maryland, asks...

Mr. Vokey, could you explain your choice of preferring a soft cast metal for your wedges as opposed to a forging? I've always been pleased with the great feel of Titleist wedges, but could they be even better with a forged head?

2010 vokey qa 4.flv


Chris S. of Milton, Ga., asks…

What do you think is the most costly mistake that amateurs make when selecting their wedges?

2010 vokey qa 5.flv


Click here for the Vokey Design Wedge Selection Guide.

Dale G. of Edmond, Okla., asks...

I am a slider and rarely take a divot. I am wondering, are my shots as effective as someone who has taken a large divot? I feel as though I am compressing the ball, but is the ball reacting the same off my slider wedge as someone who takes a rather large divot?

2010 vokey qa 6.flv


Josh P. of Saratoga, Calif., asks…

Since I first started using your wedges I have always wondered this question: Have you ever considered making a set of Vokey Irons, not just wedges but a whole 3-PW set?

2010 vokey qa 7.flv

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• For Part 3, click here.

If your question was selected, be on the lookout for an e-mail from Team Titleist regarding your special gift from Bob Vokey.

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5 Replies

  1. Robert Sellman

    Play mostly where sand bunkers are hard packed sand. What bounce specification do you recommend please to suit .

    Have been using a 60 degree lob wedge for short greenside bunkers and not opening the face (as common with a 56 degree sand wedge)and results good when sand soft.

  2. Robert Sellman

    I bought 2 new spin milled wedges ( 52 & 58) to have available with the groove changes and noticed they are 1/2 shorter than my current Vokey wedges.  Is this intentional? and why?

  3. Robert Sellman

    I have aquestion...I just both my 1st BV wedge and it says that it is assembled in China...head made in china and shaft made in USA...I thought that all BV wedges wer made in the good old US of this club a does have a reg # on the hosel..thank you..CK Hansen

  4. Deno

    Great questions for Bob.  The master craftsman really put plenty of thought into each answer.


  5. Deno

    Really enjoying  Bob's answer.   Great questions get the attention of the master craftsman himself and his answers are on the money.