Video: Adam Scott on New Titleist 910 Driver

The first shipments of the new Titleist 910 drivers began their journeys to golf shops around the world early Monday morning, just as Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott was finishing off his three-shot victory at the weather-delayed Barclays Singapore Open.

In Scott's bag was a Titleist 910D3 10.5 driver with a Proforce V2 86 shaft and the SureFit Tour hosel in the A•1 position (standard loft, standard lie), which helped him hit 73.2 of his fairways for the week at Sentosa Golf Club.

Scott first put the 910 driver in play at the European Tour's Alstom Open de France, just a few weeks after his one-shot victory at the Valero Texas Open.

In his 10 starts since, Scott hasn't finished worse than T-39 (PGA Championship at Whistling Straits), working his way back to No. 20 in the world ranking.

Team Titleist sat down with Adam recently to talk about the new 910 driver. Check out the video below to hear what he had to say.

2010 Scott On 9101.flv



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14 Replies

  1. Richard N

    Great comments from a great player , although i think it would be very beneficial for golfers considering purchasing the new 910 to be shown on video shots played by Adam and other Titleist players using the club set in the different settings. This would give the potential purchaser the visual insight into what this fantastic club can do before their own fitting.

  2. Robert Sellman

    I got the 8.5 910D3 with a Diamana white 72 Shaft. I hit the 910 D2 but did not hit it quite as well as this D3.  Titleist did a great job with this club.  At the club fitting the day it was released, I started hitting it with out moving the settings around I was hitting the ball a lot straighter along  with a slight draw. I compared it to my old driver which I also had there and I was hitting the 910 D3 15 yards longer and in the fairway.  I am anxious to adjust the settings to see how I hit the ball with the 16 different positions.  Thank You Titleist for the great club.

  3. Gregory H

    Adam talks about being able to turn the ball more right to left with his new 910D3, but his setting of A1 is a setting for more fade!!! Can someone explain this please?

  4. Robert Sellman

    Enjoyed the video.  I have a handicap of 22.  Will this really help me to straighten out my shot.  I have purchased a driver per year and have shot as low as a 78.  What will the driver cost?  I will go to a fitting at Golf Etc in December, but before I go I would like to know if the cost of the new driver will really improve my scores or at least make me feel the change would be for the better.

  5. Marcell N

    Interesting post.

  6. Robert Sellman

    About time Adam, will you be home soon??

  7. Robert Sellman

    Got to demo one (910D3) the other day.   Very pleased, but I'm always pleased with Titleist drivers :)

  8. Hotsauce

    At a boy Adam.  It always good to see you at your best.  Can't wait to game my new 910!  I hope it works for me as well as it worked for you!

  9. Robert Sellman

    Adam scott  is a down to earth nice person and an Aussie so if he said " this club is good "   you must believe it because i know for a fact NO aussie would say some driver is good if it is a dud .   I think the endorsement from Adam Scott is probably true he would not say it was was because Aussies tell it as it is mate.

  10. Robert Sellman

    Just got myself a 909D COMP, wanted one for over a year but couldnt afford it. The release of the new model has helped in that regard and now will wait for the 910 prices to come down.  I would have to say the 909 is the best driver i have ever used, getting 80-90% fairway hits now, able to hit the ball straight!

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