Video: A Fond Farewell to our 909 Bending Fixtures from the Titleist Tour Van

As the first shipments of new Titleist 910 drivers began to arrive last week at golf shops around the world, we couldn't help but remember the day we said goodbye to our trusty ol' bending fixtures for the Titleist 909 drivers, fairway metals and hybrids.

Shortly following the introduction on the PGA Tour of the new Titleist 910 drivers, fairway metals and hybrids – featuring SureFit Tour (SFT) dual-angle hosel technology – the 909 bending fixtures were no longer needed in the Titleist Tour Van (TTV). And so it was at The Barclays in late August that they sat outside the TTV in a rain-soaked cardboard box, out of service.

Bending fixtures were used to adjust loft and lie on Titleist 909 metal woods and all previous generation models. A specific bending fixture had to be created for each club model and loft.

The bending process (pictured, right) went as follows: Insert fixture into vice; insert club into fixture; clamp down; bend to desired specs; check club in loft/lie machine; repeat if necessary.

All that is needed to adjust the 910's unique SFT dual-angle hosel – which allows loft and lie to be set independently to optimize ball flight (higher or lower, and for more draw or fade for increased distance and improved shot control) – is a SureFit Tour wrench.

The SFT hosel enables Titleist authorized fitters to perform precision fittings for players, while also teaching them how to further adjust settings on their own to ensure optimal performance.

It's the type of tour-level fitting in a driver, fairway metal or hybrid previously unavailable outside of the TTV.

"We probably bent more 909 3-woods and hybrids than drivers," said Titleist Assistant Tour Tech Rep JJ Van Wezenbeeck. "The adjustments with those on 910 will be huge for players because a tour player's hybrid needs to be a precision club that he can hit into long par-4s and long pars-3s. Their 3-woods are just as important, considering the length of players these days, because having a club off the tee that isn't going to miss a fairway is huge."

Of course, the Titleist Tour Van is also looking a little bit lighter now, too.

Check out the video below for more on the 909 bending fixtures and click here for a closer look at the new Titleist 910 drivers, fairway metals and hybrids.

2010 909 molds.flv

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11 Replies

  1. Hunter G

    I like The new Sure fit but i think it would be neat to have one of those bending fixtures i wonder if you could get your hands on one of them??

  2. brandon b

    My neighbor just purchased his 910 D2 and I hit it on the course, what a great club, loved the sound and the feel, I can;t wait to be fit for mine this week. I hit it just 5 yards further, but he had his setup for a fade as he tends to draw everything.  While the 909 was a great club, I believe this will be the start of some great golf as has been evidenced by the pro feedback I keep reading.

  3. Glen H TPI Certified

    This is the best thing since sliced bread :-) , this is the best getting better!!! WOW!!

  4. Deno

    Titleist...always seeking a better mousetrap.  #1


  5. Alex Y

    Man that is so cool. Really  wanting a 910!

  6. Ben P

    whey didn't you just use demo shafts and head that aren't in bad shape like most demo clubs

  7. Robert Sellman

    I still think the 909 is great but i can´t wait for the moment when i got one in my hands.

  8. David Browning Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

    The 910's are here and I'M excited! However, you know, if you need somewhere to store those molds/fixtures, I have some extra space. If you need some help cleaning out the Tour Van, I'm available.

  9. Brian D

    I am confident you will see a rise in the amount of players on tour that will switch.

    Go Team Titleist!

  10. Brian D

    I just recevied my new 910 with the Aldila VIP shaft on Tuesday morning and could wait to hit, so I didnt.  I played my first round with it and LOVED it.  It was a different look to get used to, but after a few holes, I was good to go.

    I would say that on average I was getting about 15 - 20 yards extra off the tee.  After the round I went to the practice hill and just for the fun of it hit both my old 909 and new 910 and quickly removed the 909 from my bag for ever.

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