Team Titleist Members Visit Oceanside Test Facility, Experience Titleist Tour Fitting

Eight loyal Team Titleist members received the tour pro-treatment last month during an Exclusive Team Titleist Event held at Titleist's Oceanside (Calif.) Test Facility, which included a Titleist Tour Fitting experience and a very special gift from Team Titleist.

"It was a fantastic experience, even better than expected," said Rob Eugenio, one of the lucky Team Titleist members.

Titleist Tour Fittings are conducted at both the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), located at the Oceanside Test Facility, and Titleist's Manchester Lane Test Facility in Massachusetts. During these fittings, golfers are treated exactly like our Titleist Brand Ambassadors and experience the same process, equipment and fitting technology that the best players in the world rely on to optimize their games.

"What I learned about my golf swing, the clubs, and how if they're fitted properly they're going to help me score better – that was the highlight," said Eugenio.

The day began with a tour of the Oceanside Test Facility, the 33-acre state-of-the-art golf test facility that was created to house robotic testing, consumer testing of prototype equipment, club fittings and to allow for the testing and fitting of the best players in the game of golf. It is also home to the Titleist Performance Institute, one of the most technologically-advanced golf evaluation facilities in existence focusing on swing efficiencies, conditioning, and custom equipment fitting.

After the tour, each Team Titleist member was assigned to one of our expert fitters for a complete Titleist Tour Fitting, including the opportunity to get fitted and dialed in to the new Titleist 910 driver, a week before the drivers began shipping to golf shops worldwide. Any further questions they had about the new Titleist 910 drivers were answered by either Stephanie Bezilla, Director of Metalwood Product Development, or Daniel Stone, Vice President of Club R&Dboth on site exclusively to speak with the Team Titleist members.

Master Craftsman Bob Vokey also stopped by to answer any questions they had about their Vokey wedges.

"Interacting with the people here was incredible," said Team Titleist member Jerry Stephenson. "So many great tips, so much knowledge here."

At lunch, the Team Titleist members also learned of their special gift, courtesy of Team Titleist.

"If you don't mind," Titleist General Manager of Golf Clubs Steve Pelisek announced, "we're going build that (910) driver you got fit for today, and send it to you as soon as we possibly can."

Does it get any better?

Well, yes. Each Team Titleist member received a goodie bag with Team Titleist-logoed golf balls, a Team Titleist T-shirt, Titleist Players Towel, Titleist golf glove, Titleist "FPL" hat, Scotty Cameron Pivot Tool – and a Scotty Cameron Headcover signed by, you guessed it, Scotty Cameron.

A pair of Team Titleist members also went home with new Scotty Cameron putters (‪Scotty Cameron Studio Select Laguna 2‬ or new Scotty Cameron California Hollywood) after winning a Team Titleist Skills Game Challenge held on Oceanside's short game skills area.

Check out the video and slideshow below for an inside look at the entire day.

2010 TT Oceanside.flv


So we know you're probably asking, "How do I get invited to an event like this?"

Well, the more you participate and the more engaged you are with Team Titleist, from posting in the forums and adding blog comments to completing your profile, the better your chances are at potentially opening the doors to Team Titleist rewards, including the opportunity to participate in product testing panels, take part in exclusive sweepstakes and attend one-of-a-kind events.

We're excited to offer more of these Team Titleist perks in the future to our most dedicated members and want to know what other opportunities you would like to see.

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31 Replies

  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

    Hi Richard,

    Give our club concierge team a call at 1-888-TITLEIST and they will help you find a fitter in the area. Thanks a lot.

    - Mike

  2. Richard L

    I am a Team Titleist member, and am visiting S. Cal. in May for my son's college graduation. Is there a facility near L.A. that I can visit? What kind of fees to get fitted for clubs?



  3. Andrew

    Is there a fitting centre in Singapore?

  4. don k

    we are often in Oceanside and would like to know where you are located ..thank You, Don

  5. RobStretch

    Man -

    I can not wait to go here and get fitted - it looks awesome.

  6. Deno

    An experience of a lifetime.  That will go on the to do list


  7. David S

    I can't want to go to TPI.

  8. Josh

    This is a trip I'd love to take one day.  What a great expereince for these guys.  Congrats on the trip and here's to hoping you offer another one in 2011

  9. John C

    I can't imagine how great an entire day at Oceanside would be.  My daughter and I spent a large part of the afternoon their on the day before Thanksgiving.  She worked with Cliff on hybrids, irons and wedges; I worked with Steve on a new driver.  It's a fantastic experience that I can't describe adequately.  In fact, this post has fixed the biggest shortcoming of the entire process -- i.e., that I was to darn busy gawking around to take a good set of pictures of place.

    As for final results, nothing but good news.  We ordered two new Vokey wedges first for my daughter to take advantage of the square grooves, and they came in time for Santa.  I ordered my 910 D2 driver last week and it will be shipped on January 25 (a bit longer because of the "exotic" shaft -- not a word used often to describe things in my life).  Finally, we intend to finalize an order of hybrids and irons for my daughter after we start indoors lessons this week.  After all that technology gets here, it will be harder than normal to wait until the snow is gone, particularly since we've had so much of it so early this year in Minnesota.

  10. Robert Sellman

    i am Pakistani my fathar golfer am like titleist and playing titleist golf set but,,,,,,,,,,

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