Pro V1x Loyalist Hunter Mahan: Your Questions Answered

Team Titleist caught up with Pro V1x loyalist Hunter Mahan Monday afternoon at the Oceanside (Calif.) Test Facility, where Hunter put in some work prior to this week's Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines.

Hunter also took some time to answer a few questions submitted from Team Titleist members on the discussion boards and offer his thoughts on the New Pro V1x golf ball, which he has put into play.

Check out Hunter's answers in the videos below:

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John L. asks: My question is about ball selection. A lot of the discussion on this Web site is about amateurs choosing the right golf ball for their games. Maybe some advice from a pro such as yourself will better help us with this understanding.

2011 mahan 1.flv


Deno asks: What is the significance of the marking on your ball. Is it an inverted V or a lucky symbol?

2011 mahan 2.flv


Ben M. asks: How did playing at such an elite college, Oklahoma State, help your game grow and become really strong? Also, how would you go about getting yourself noticed by colleges for golf?

2011 mahan 3.flv


Todd L. asks: Can you tell us how the New Pro V1x plays for you compared to the last Pro V1x version?

2011 mahan 4.flv


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2 Replies

  1. Deno


    Thanks for your answer.   I like the historical significance of the inverted "V".

    Best of luck for 2011


  2. ToddL

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Hunter!  I cannot wait to try the new ProV1X!!!!  Good luck and play well.