PGA Show: Ask Michael Breed a Question

Team Titleist is headed to Orlando, Fla., this week for the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show, and we are especially excited about the opportunity to spend some time with Titleist Advisory Staff Member Michael Breed – the Head PGA Professional at Sunningdale Country Club in Scarsdale, N.Y., host of Golf Channel's popular golf instructional show, "The Golf Fix," and one of golf's leading instructors.

Michael, a longtime Titleist Advisory Staff member who has been instrumental in Titleist's Golf Ball Education, Selection and Fitting initiative, traveled to China recently to share his ideas and teaching philosophy with 60 of the country's top golf instructors and coaches at the first-ever Titleist Golf Coaches Forum in China.

On Friday, he will take some time out from his busy schedule at the PGA Merchandise Show to answer questions submitted exclusively from members of Team Titleist.

Michael will be selecting his favorite questions to answer, so reply to this post with your best question and check back later this weekend to see if yours was picked. Thanks!

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820 Replies

  1. jeffrey k

    Hello Michael,

    I love watching your show.  You do such a great job of demonstrating key swing moves of several great players.  (Watching your Bobby Jones tonight). I enjoy trying the show/moves as I look for the “magic move” for my own swing.  Do you have trouble remembering/making your own “normal” Michael Breed swing when you play a regular round of golf?

    Best regards, Jeff K

  2. Cathy S

    Dear Michael, Love and record all your shows. (I am a 66 y/o female golfer). You have helped me so much! I need your help to determine which golf ball to use.  I have used ProV1, Callys, Pinnacles, but after a few uses, I always seem to create large cracks in the outer layer of the golf ball. I have thrown away so many golf balls because the outer layer of the ball is so compromised by the large crack.

    What golf ball should I be using?  I usually average 150- 175 yrs with my driver.  swoosh women's golf balls are the worst. I seem to hit the Callys the furthest, as well as the ProV1's.  But I feel like I go through golf balls quickly because I keep significantly cracking the outer casing, rendering the golf ball useless.  

    Is it me?  Is it the golf ball?  Pls help me to select the right golf ball for my situation.  

    I am really tired of throwing away golf balls in the trash.  Pls. help.


  3. John V

    I watched a tournament one time on TV where they showed the golfer on the tee with the number of the hole, it's distance and par. it also showed the direction and wind speed and it made the viewing of the hole more enjoyable. I don't see that broadcasted anymore. Why is that?

  4. Jeremy H

    I can't play well with people I know.  It's to the point where I play so bad with friends, I don't think they believe the scores I have previously shot.   I can't say that I blame them.  It's like forgetting to drive a car all the sudden.  I always play better with strangers.

    Is there a way not to be so amped up and trying to prove yourself on the golf course with friends.  It's to the point that I am considering giving up the game.


  5. Phil K

    I have just completed a good golf season and now have had both knees replaced. What changes must  I consider making to my swing in order to accommodate these new knees?

  6. Leslie C

    Tee shot wz driver head 460c often straight right (am right hander) but wz 440c/deep face I can hit good draw. Any tips to fix tee shot wz 460c driver?

  7. paul s

    question for Michael Breed

    I practice from the grass areas at the range using all my clubs.

    At the range or any practice I hit good shots but can not bring the game to the course. Been playing the game for many many years(come from a family of golfers) and am retired now so I have the time to practice. I am in good shape and can still get decent distance with my shots.This has always been a battle can you give me any advice.  

  8. Herbert M

    I have developed a shank on pitch shots from sixty yards in.Doesn't happen on full shots.It is ruining my game. Please help.

  9. Robert Sellman

    hi michael!!

    i noticed that when im on top of my swing, i tend to stop or dramatically slow down and then explode and well it gives me distance and a low flight, and when i try to not slow down and swing in just one movement the ball tends to fly higher and doesnt carry as much distance.

    what would you say is the best way to get height and distance, or should i just stick with the low flight.

    thanks hope you can help me, good lucj with the show i love it!!!


  10. Robert Sellman

    Michael, Iwould like to know if a titleist 910D3 or a 910D2  would be right for a 12 handcaper what would you recommend ?

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