Vokey TVD Wedges in Black Oxide Finish Now Available Through WedgeWorks

In our slideshows from the professional tours posted here on Team Titleist, we often include photos of Bob Vokey Spin Milled wedges featuring a "tour-only" Black Oxide finish sitting in the bags of our Titleist Brand Ambassadors.

Good news: Now you have the chance to post photos of your own...

As of today, Vokey TVD Spin Milled wedges are available in a tour-inspired Black Oxide finish through the WedgeWorks Exclusives line on Vokey.com – along with new shaft, grip and customization options.

New items have also been added to the Vokey Store, including a BV Custom Polo shirt and two new hats (pictured at the bottom of this page).

WHAT IS BLACK OXIDE? Popular on the worldwide professional tours in both wedges and putters, Black Oxide is a non-plated, low-glare finish that many players favor due the added contrast it provides against the golf ball at address.

TVD Black Oxide wedges are available in 52º, 54º, 56º, 58º and 60º lofts (in right hand only) and will be built at WedgeWorks, Titleist’s high performance custom shop in Carlsbad, Calif., where Master Craftsman Bob Vokey and his team of artisans design and build wedges for everyone from PGA Tour players to avid wedge enthusiasts.

The present line of WedgeWorks Exclusives wedges features the tour-proven Vokey Tour Van Design (TVD) sole and Condition of Competition (C-C) grooves. The TVD features a crescent shaped sole and moderate camber, which allows the wedge to easily pivot around its center for versatility and shot making. The TVD will continue to be available in its two current finishes – Bright Brushed Chrome and Oil Can Zero (each finish created specifically for WedgeWorks Exclusives), in lofts ranging from 52º to 60º.

NEW SHAFT OPTIONS: The WedgeWorks Exclusives shaft matrix has also expanded to include the new Dynamic Gold Spinner and KBS Hi-Rev wedge shafts, adding to a host of custom shaft options that address the wide variety in player performance and feel preferences. Other shaft options include True Temper’s Dynamic Gold, Tour Issue and Project X, as well as the KBS Tour in steel and graphite.

The customization and personalization options available on WedgeWorks Exclusives are virtually endless, allowing wedge enthusiasts to express themselves and truly make their wedges their own.

Golfers can choose from three different hand-stamp styles (straight, freestyle, snow) in up to eight letters and/or numbers; 20 different paintfill colors; and 40 different toe-engraving combinations – including a new BV Diamonds toe engraving (pictured, right).

Grips come in a wide variety of textures and colors to match individual look and feel preferences. Among the grips available are the New Decade Multi-Compound and full cord Golf Pride Tour Velvet, as well as ribbed and .600 diameter options. BV Custom grips – including two new BV Wings grips from Golf Pride – are available only through WedgeWorks.

A new shaft band option (pictured below) has also been added.

For more information on WedgeWorks, or to order WedgeWorks Exclusives, please visit Vokey.com.

And when your WedgeWorks Exclusives order hits your doorstep, we'd love for you to share a picture of it with Team Titleist. Please post your pictures here – we are looking forward to seeing them!

• • •

Finally, here's a look at the new items (BV Custom Polo shirt, Black BV Wings cap and White BV Custom Wedges cap) now available in the Vokey Store.


For a closer look, or to place your order, click here.

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20 Replies

  1. Camren B

    Are the TVD wedges available through a college program?

  2. Mark A

    Hi Dave,

    thanks for your reply. I can appreciate that Acushnet AUS have to pay the shipping customs and duty. That is not my grievance, I am happy to accept that. My point is that we have to purchase through a golf shop or proshop and the markup is with the middleman.

    Is it not feasible for us to order direct from the vokey store online and have the ancillary charges added then? I have always been a Titleist user and always will be because they are a premium product, but golf shops and pro shops are killing us here. It is no wonder why so many people are buying online, leaving them open to counterfeit products.

  3. David N

    @Mark A--the base prices in AUS & US should be roughly equivalent.  However, the AUS wedges will be more expensive because Acushnet AUS is paying the shipping, customs and duties for you.  Remember, the wedges are personalized and built here in Carlsbad and then must be shipped to AUS and we have to pay duties on them at that point.  

  4. David N

    @Matt--to answer your question regarding the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue and Spinner shafts, those are screened on (not labels) so if you pick a shaft band, they would both be on the shaft.  

    @Sjut -- we are planning on offering these in Europe, hopefully in less than a month!  

    @Paul A -- about 10 days from order placed to in your hands (depending on shipping method of course).  

  5. David Browning Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

    I absolutely L-O-V-E the black oxide finish!!! Personalization options...apparel...I'm speechless. VERY nice! Titleist/Vokey IS listening to us loyal fans. THIS is one of the reasons why I'm a Titleist fan and always will be!

  6. Martin T

    @DavidN. Cheers, mate. The UK Titleist crew will be grateful. I have bought stuff from Scotty, and used the Studio for customisation or refinishing and the shipping and customs stuff worked out pretty well. Using a courier such as UPS, FedEx etc is much much better than using USPS!!

  7. Mark A

    I just got details (from Acushnet) on the cost of getting these to Oz through a local Titleist dealer, can't quite believe the markup. This is considering the AUD is stronger than the USD at the moment and this dfigure doesn't even include personalisation.

    I guess I am used to paying premium prices for premium gear, but come on Titleist, give us non-US residents a fair go. I'm going to research companies in the US who will take delivery and forward to Oz with reasonable delivery charges.

    We deserve better Titleist! Not all of your support comes from the US.  

  8. Robert Sellman

    Hi, is it right, that these blck oxide wedges will not be purchased in Germany? My son Nicklas (13 years, handicap 4)is the biggest Vokey-fan in germany and would love to play these wedges. We also have no customization options in Europe!!! Can you help in this case?

    Kind regards


  9. paul a

    what is the average turnaround time when you place your order for the wedges? thanks. paul.

  10. ALLEN Y


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