Submit Your Questions for Pro V1 Loyalist Cristie Kerr at the Kraft Nabsico Championship

It's officially major championship season, folks – and Team Titleist is excited to be at the LPGA's Kraft Nabisco Championship this week to help kick things off!

We're especially excited to meet up tomorrow at Mission Hills Country Club with two-time major champion and Pro V1 loyalist Cristie Kerr, who will who will be taking a break between practice sessions to answer questions submitted from members of Team Titleist.

Cristie is fresh off a final-round 7-under 66 at last weekend's Kia Classic, where she placed T-3 for her third-consecutive top-9 finish of 2011.

Last season, Cristie captured the second major championship of her career with a record-breaking 12-shot victory at the Wegmans LPGA Championship, arguably the most dominating performance of 2010.

And, of course, Cristie would love to grab major No. 3 this week at the Kraft, where she has recorded five top-5s since 2004, including finishes of T-5 and T-2 the last two years.

Do you have a question for Cristie? Then just ask!

She will be selecting her favorite questions to answer, so post your best question in the comments section below and check back later this week to see if yours was picked.


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19 Replies

  1. Robert Sellman

    Hello Cristie,

    I love to work hard on my game. My goal is to make it on tour like you. How do you practice and prepare for tournaments ?

  2. Brent W

    Hi Cristie. What do you think we as the public can do to get you gals more sponsors and more tournaments here in the states? I love watching the ladies play. Your tempo is so much better than the guys. And how much would a person need to put up to have an LPGA event?

  3. Robert Sellman

    If you could play with four men from PGA tour, who would you want to play with and what would be your favorite course??

  4. Robert Sellman

    Hi Cristie,

    What is your favorite club yo chip with? Also If you are ever in the Philadelphia area would you join me for a round of golf on the course I work at? Its not a country club just a  fun local course.  

  5. Robert Sellman

    Not a question.....just a comment....

    Christie you are kicking some major behind out there on tour.   And I'm so proud of you!  Keep it up girl!  Hope our paths cross again one day soon.  Your friend, Katy Loy

  6. Robert Sellman

    I have often heard that certain balls putt with greater 'feel' or track better than others.  Is it more important that you believe the ball type will help you make the putt or is technology that significant in putting with confidence?

  7. Robert Sellman

    You've long had a reputation as one of the best putters on the tour. Are you often changing your putting style or have you kept it the same for many years?

  8. Robert Sellman

    Hi Cristie, Do you ever change golf balls depending on weather, temperature or elevation? I love the Pro V-1's too. It is the best ball on the planet. I switch to the Pro V-1X when the wind picks up. When it's cold (winter golf) I go to the NXT Tour ball. Congrats on the good start to the season!

  9. Robert Sellman

    What is your pre shot routine for driving and putting to keep your focus?

  10. Robert Sellman

    Hi Cristie,

    What is the last thought in your mind before you take the club back? Tempo? Swing thought? Picturing the shot? Etc?

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