Coming Soon to WedgeWorks: New Vokey Design 200 Series Wedges

Now just days from the debut of the New Vokey Design 200 Series in the Vokey Wedgeworks lineup, Master Craftsman Bob Vokey sat down with Team Titleist to share some insight on the 200 Series and discuss the options that will be available through WedgeWorks beginning next week on

Vokey Design 200 Series wedges, widely played on the worldwide professional tours, feature a classic head shape with a high toe peak and a soft trailing edge.

The New Vokey Design 200 Series will feature Spin Milled Condition of Competition (C-C) grooves and the WedgeWorks Exclusives Bright Brushed Chrome finish. They will be available in both right- and left-hand models, and in a variety of loft and bounce combinations ranging from 46º to 60º degrees (in 2º increments).

You can learn more from "The Voke" about the 200 Series wedges in the following Q&A:

Team Titleist: Why is the Vokey Design 200 Series still so popular on Tour?

Bob Vokey: It's just a classic, guys love the shape. It fits their eye. Guys like the small trailing edge ribbon in back, it keeps the club from getting stuck in the turf. 

TT: Which players use the 200 Series?

BV: We have quite a few – Rickie Fowler, Steve Stricker, Gary Woodland, Geoff Ogilvy, Tim Clark, Bill Haas and several others. Many mix-and-match their wedges with 200 Series, Spin Milled C-C and Vokey Tour Grinds. 

TT: What's the main difference between the 200 Series and your popular Vokey Design C-C wedges? 

We'll there are a lot of similarities actually because we based the Spin Milled series on the 200 Series. The shape of the heads are a bit different. The 200 Series has a higher toe peak and it's a bit taller from leading edge to the top-line. The sole profiles are a bit different as well as the loft/bounce configurations. For example, we're going to have a 46.06 in the 200 Series, which we don't have in the SM C-C series. Also we'll have a 52.12 and a 60.12, two high bounce options which should be popular. 

TT:  What did you change on the WedgeWorks version of the 200 Series?

BV:  Well, the big thing is the grooves. This version has Spin Milled C-C grooves. When we had the 200 Series a few years back we used cast grooves. We have the surface roughness and groove depth as close as possible to the USGA limit. We also tweaked the graphics on the back so that we could accommodate various toe engravings and stampings. I really like the new look – it's very clean. 

• Classic Profile: Tour-inspired teardrop shape with a high toe and shallow heel. Taller leading edge-to-topline inspires confidence around the greens.

Trailing Edge Ribbon: Slight trailing edge relief reduces turf drag and allows for touch shots with face square or open. 

Spin Milled C-C Grooves: Condition of Competition (C-C) conforming grooves produce a higher trajectory with medium spin. Approved for play in events adopting the new groove rule.

CNC Cut Grooves: The Spin Milled cutting tool pioneered by Titleist precisely cuts the groove edge radius and groove volume to the limits allowed by the Rules of Golf. 

Machined Face Texture: Machined face texture with micro edges up to the USGA limit provides additional ball gripping power for better spin retention on full and partial shots.


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5 Replies

  1. Mark A

    Hi TT,

    I just received my TVD 54 & 58 degree wedges in Black Oxide finish from Vokey Wedgeworks. Less than 3 weeks from placing my order to delivery here in Oz.

    Awesome service and the wedges look great. Can't wait to get them out on the course.

  2. Jack Z

    These really do look great!  Just when I thought I had my wedge setup all figured out, ha.  I don't think I can keep away from these!

  3. stuart c

    These look great and my 50 is my favorite club.  So glad to see a 46 that can be bent to 45 and i can take out my PW.  Has a price been announced and is there an additional fee for bending

  4. Robert Sellman

    Would removing the chrome from the new 200s render then non-compliant with the condition of competition?

  5. Robert Sellman

    Finally a 46 degree wedge we can buy with some class!