Introducing 'My Game’ and the New Look of Team Titleist

Since you're here, you probably have noticed that Team Titleist has taken on a bit of a different look, as well as some new-and-improved features.

We have been listening to your feedback and working hard on various enhancements to the site, committed to continually improving your Team Titleist experience.

The site's refreshed design will make it easier for you to browse all of the great discussions, tips and insight that are contributed by Team Titleist members on a daily basis. We’ve also streamlined the navigation to create a more user-friendly site. 

A few months ago, we asked Team Titleist which features you'd like us to add to the site. The most popular request was for an area to post scores and keep track of statistics.

We got to work immediately.

Which brings us to today: We are really excited to introduce the all new My Game experience to Team Titleist...

The My Game experience (which you can always access via the left hand navigation bar) features tools that will allow you to track your scores and key golf stats along with a library of video tips, drills and fixes from some of the best players and teaching professionals in the game of golf.

Just like all of you, the people behind the scenes here at Team Titleist are also avid golfers who are passionate about their games and always looking to shoot lower scores.

We hope the My Game experience will help you improve your game and we look forward to hearing your stories throughout the season. 

Let us know what you think of the updates and thanks for being a dedicated member of Team Titleist.

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10 Replies

  1. N Anthony S

    Is My Game still active?  I can't seem to find it.

  2. Brian B

    Where is the "My Game" feature located at now?  This was a great feature.

  3. larry c

    Cannot locate the new area for the stats.  Help !!!!!!!

  4. Eric S., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

    HI Larry,

    You can track your stats with the My Game scorecard, which you can download at the following link:

    Hope that helps. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

  5. Larry H

    How do I keep track of the my score to post to "My Game"?  Is there a score card sample?

  6. MARK M


  7. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for suggestion. We will look into this update but in the meantime, you can select any state and then any letter to display an option to add a course. You will be able to type in the course name to post a score. Thanks again.


    Mike DePaolo
    Team Titleist Manager 

  8. Ryan M

    When selecting what course there isnt any from the U.K

    i recommend adding counties from the U.K instead of only states from the US

  9. Jack Z

    Wow this is great.  I can't wait to post my first round and get real stats just like a pro!  I can't promise +300 yard drives though!

  10. memphisunited

    It is great to see that Team Titleist is listening and making the nice enhancements to the site.  THANKS!