Have an Equipment Question for Titleist's Nationwide Tour Reps?

Team Titleist is looking forward to a couple action-packed days in the Peach State at the Nationwide Tour's South Georgia Classic, where we're catching up with many of our Titleist Brand Ambassadors and golf ball loyalists.

Also on the docket this week at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club: Some quality time with our Nationwide Tour Reps, who will be answering equipment questions submitted from members of Team Titleist.

This is a great opportunity to pick the brains of Titleist technical experts that spend each week helping the pros get dialed in to their Titleist golf balls and equipment.

The guys will try to get to as many questions as possible, so be sure to reply to this post with your best question and check back later in the week to see if yours was picked.


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18 Replies

  1. Michael B

    I need a stiff shaft, but accidentally bought the Titleist 913 D3 with a regular shaft. Is there anything I can do?

  2. andy C

    I have a set of titleist dci clubs, and looking to invest in some ap1 710 irons. I've had my DCI's since I was in high school.  Whats the work on the AP irons?  I play everyday and looking to improve my iron play.

  3. chris d

    i am wanting to purchase a set of titleist irons.  I was told that the dynamic gold s300 shaft is off on the frequencies and tolerances?  Is there any truth to this I was also told that the Project X are very inconsistent as well (meaning they don't frequency out to where they are supposed to)  If this is true what should I do?

  4. memphisunited

    Do the pros that you work with like to tinker with their clubs and specs or are most of them consistent with what they use?  

  5. Anthony L

    Hi there team;

                          I would like to know how to remove, then replace the sure fit attachment from my driver shaft.

    The reason i wont to do this is,  I want to spine aligning my driver shaft to the A1 position.

    Thanking you


  6. Will Parsons

    It seems to me  -- and to others that I talk to -- that hybrid clubs are very easy to hook too much.  Is there anything you do for tour players to adjust their hybrid clubs to lessen the tendency for these clubs to hook?

  7. David S

    I would love have your jobs sounds like a lot of fun but lot of hard work at the same time . How do you become a tour rep? Do the pros spend a lot of time in tour van? Thank you

  8. Rob K Team Titleist Staff Titleist Staff Member

    What driver and fairway woods seems most popular on the Tour, D2 or D3?  F or Fd?  How has the feedback been from the guys on the Sure Fit Tour Hosel?

  9. Jay V

    What's the best way to change the shafts in my AP2 irons - send in to Titleist or let club fitter do it?

  10. Teddy V

    I am playing a callaway tour si because the pro v 's I have played spin way too much. I have all ways played Titleist balls for 40 + years. Any suggestions.

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