Pro V1 loyalist Cristie Kerr: Your Questions Answered

Pro V1 loyalist Cristie Kerr talks swing thoughts, putting drills and physical fitness in her answers to questions submitted recently from members of Team Titleist, which you can find in the Q&A below.

This week, Cristie is among the star-studded LPGA field teeing it up in the Avnet Classic at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Mobile, Ala., where she will be looking to find the winner's circle for the 15th time in her career.

More impressive still is her work off the course. Last month, Cristie was presented with the prestigious Muhammad Ali Award for Sport Achievement for her dedication to raising awareness and funding for breast cancer research – for which everyone at Team Titleist sends their sincerest congratulations.

For more information on Cristie's foundation, Birdies for breast Cancer, you can visit the Web site at

Great job, Cristie!

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Jerry G. asks: Hi Cristie, What is the last thought in your mind before you take the club back? Tempo? Swing thought? Picturing the shot? Etc.?

Cristie Kerr: I hope to actually not have a thought right before I take the club back. I try to do the planning before and then simply execute. If I'm thinking about how to do it right before I take the club back it's not usually a good thing.

TitleistFan17 asks: Johnny Miller calls you the greatest putter in all of golf today – I agree. Do you have a favorite drill that you use?

CK: Thank you so much! My Titleist Pro V1 always comes through!

I do a drill called the Step-Back Drill.

It's where I start from 6-7 feet and then step back 2-3 paces until I get to a length where I feel like that is the max length I'd ever see on the course, nearly 60 feet. I do this with an emphasis on getting the right speed (which is about a foot by the hole speed-wise) and not so much on holing the putt.

Note: Cristie finished T-2 in Putts per GIR on the LPGA in 2010, averaging 1.74 putts per green in regulation.

Dave A. asks: You've long had a reputation as one of the best putters on the tour. Are you often changing your putting style or have you kept it the same for many years?

No, I've never really changed my style of putting. It's uniquely "me," just like my own handwriting.

Tyler H. asks: Who got you started in golf?

My parents got me started in golf, my mom and dad. They belonged to a semi-private club and would drag me along on the weekends. I loved being out there with them.

NoThreePutt asks: What was your workout regiment in off season? You look great.

CK: I absolutely went back to what I did in the late 90's, which helped me lose 70 pounds. I cut my portions in half, ate mostly complex carbohydrates like oatmeal or sweet potatoes, and I cut out my beloved wine for over two months. Hard to do!

I cut out all the white bread and carbs and I worked out like a fiend most of the offseason doing "two-a-days," where I would do almost an hour of cardio five times a week and then lift the other parts of the day. Hard to keep up on the road, but I feel so much better. Thanks for noticing!

And thanks everyone for your questions!

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