Equipment Updates from the Titleist Tour Van: South Georgia Classic

• Titleist is the overwhelming golf ball of choice at the Nationwide Tour's South Georgia Classic with 106 players, more than six times the nearest competitor with 16 and more than all competitors combined.

Titleist is also first in Iron Sets (45); Sand, Lob and Approach Wedges (138); and Putters (63).

Titleist Brand Ambassador Erik Compton, who already has two top-4 finishes this year on the Nationwide Tour, stopped by the Tour Van to have the loft and lies checked on his Titleist CB (4-5) and MB (6-PW) irons. Erik had started to feel some digging, especially with his pitching wedge. Titleist Tour Rep J.J. Van Wezenbeeck (pictured above with Erik) took them inside the Tour Van for a checkup.

"Erik has unique lie angles compared to most, he isn't 1º flat all the way up and down his set, so he was just checking all his lofts and lies," J.J. said. "We had to move his pitching wedge a half degree to get it back in line with were he wanted – nothing major just maintenance."

• Perhaps the most noteworthy change of the week was made by Titleist Brand Ambassador Martin Flores, who is putting for the first time this week with a Scotty Cameron California Del Mar. Martin had been playing a Scotty Cameron Newport prototype for the last five years, and the same head-style for the last 13 years.

On Monday, Martin (pictured right) received a complete tutorial on putter construction, including the features and benefits of heel-shafted heads (Del Mar) vs. plumber's necks (like his Newport prototype).

Martin tested several putters during the day, including the California Hollywood, California Del Mar and Newport 1.5.

With the California Del Mar, Martin said he could more easily feel the putter head release and took the putter to the course Tuesday for more testing.

By Wednesday, Martin was making such an easy stroke and holing so many putts that he told the Tour Reps that it would be in the bag on the first tee Thursday.

"It feels too good not to!” Martin said.

Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Blyth learned one of Bob Vokey's mantras this week: "Bounce is your friend."

Two weeks ago at the Fresh Express Classic at TPC Stonebrae, Adam felt like he wasn't getting enough spin with his Vokey Design Spin Milled 58•07º wedge to hit the type of low, high-spinning pitches that check up quickly.

Adam figured he would have to adjust to a wedge with more loft in order to get his preferred spin rates.

As it turned out, all he really needed was more bounce.

Because a wedge with more bounce digs less than a similar loft/profile wedge with less bounce, the ball impacts the club lower on the face, generating more spin.

Titleist Tour Reps shipped in a Vokey Design Spin Milled 58•12º  and TVD58º wedge (M grind) and suggested Adam put them through comprehensive testing: Bunker shots, pitches out of greenside rough, chips from tight lies and full shots after laying up to his 58º yardage.

Adam came back from the course sold on the 58•12º. As a matter of fact, he was astounded by the affect that adding a few degrees of bounce had to his game.

"Are these old grooves?" he joked.

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  1. David Browning Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

    Looks like good ol' Titleist has everybody dialed in.