Live Webcast This Wednesday: The Facts About Golf Ball Performance and Fitting

Here at Titleist, we spend a lot of time in the field working with golfers of all skill levels, helping them lower their scores by fitting them with the best golf ball for their games. After all, golf is about shooting lower scores.

While we are in the field, we also hear a lot of misinformation from golfers about golf ball performance and ball fitting.

Some of the most common misconceptions we’ve heard include:

• “My swing speed is too slow to play a tour-level golf ball”;

• “I play whatever I find in my bag”; and

• “I’m not a skilled enough player for the golf ball to make a difference.”

And so we’ve asked our friends in Titleist Golf Ball R&D to help us “bust” a few of these myths via a Live Webcast this Wednesday, May 4 at 1:30 p.m. EDT.

Bill Morgan, Senior Vice President of Golf Ball R&D, and Mary Lou Bohn, Vice President of Golf Ball Marketing and Titleist Communications, will be sitting down with Team Titleist to discuss the facts surrounding golf ball performance and fitting and share their expertise and insight.

Bookmark this page and we hope to see you on Wednesday!

The Facts About Golf Ball Performance and Fitting
Wednesday, May 4
1:30-2:00 pm

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18 Replies


    do you have a replay of webcast????

  2. Shadrach

    I noted and enjoyed the emphasis on "lower scores" as opposed, for example, simply to "longer drives." That's a good mind set not just for selecting a ball, but for managing play on the course.

  3. Barry O

    I feel that playing the same ball all the time is crutial to consistency! From getting a ball to check on a short sided chip shot to stopping a ball in its track from a short iron approach to finding confidence on working a tee shot in either direction on a tight fairway; only playing the same ball can give you this result! The new Pro V1x is the best ball for me! I suffered low ball flight and distance control off the tee and the new 1x has given me what I'm looking for in a tee ball as well as my short game. It putts equally consistent! Thanks Titleist for a great ball!

  4. Charles M

    I don't have a superfast swing speed, 90-95 mph, and the prov1x is my longest ball,,,,how can that be??

  5. Josh K

    I love Titleist, but I hate their ball fitting.  They will not let you try any competitor balls, and it is impossible to get fit into anything other than ProV1 or ProV1x using their logic.  High spin off the tee and around the green is going to do more bad than good for a 25 hdcp...

  6. RJtheGolfer

    I have heard that I need a swing speed of 110+ on the driver to compress the ball and make it perform to it's maxium . What is the true story about the Pro v balls

  7. C.L. G

    high light  the web cast so those of us who aren't available at that time can pick up on the basic dcussions...

  8. John A

    Thanks.  Work will be interfering with my golf tomorrow, so I will watch the recording when it is available

  9. Craig L

    Will this be archived?

  10. Gerald K

    I'd like to know what ball to use in below 50 deg. temps and above 50 deg. temps. I use NXT in cold weather and ProV1X in warm.  Sound OK?


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