Video: Titleist's Nationwide Tour Reps Answer Your Equipment Questions

Team Titleist spent Monday through Wednesday of last week at the South Georgia Classic in Valdosta, Ga., hanging out with Titleist's Nationwide Tour team, an action-packed and educational experience as always.

Titleist's Bill Hughes (Senior Manager, Golf Club Promotions) and J.J. Van Wezenbeeck (Nationwide Tour Rep) were happy to show Team Titleist what happens behind-the-scenes in the Nationwide Tour Van about 25 weeks a year.

They were also gracious to take some time out of their busy schedules to answer questions submitted last week by Team Titleist members. (J.J. also e-mailed us a couple answers to some of the questions we couldn't get on video.)

You can find out all of the great info and insight in the videos below. Thanks Bill and J.J.!

• • •

Tony C. asks: Being a tour rep, what do the players request you do for them the most? Would it be changing their grips, adjusting loft and lie on their irons or even reshafting a driver?

David S. asks: Do the pros spend a lot of time in tour van?


Dylan H. asks:
This may be an easy question, but I'm unsure. How do I know what flex of shaft to have in my wedges? I play X-100 on irons and X-Stiff on woods. I am devoting a lot of time this summer to getting better at wedges. What shaft flex should I have? Right now I just have a 56º and 60º Vokey Design Spin Milled with the stock steel shaft in them.

Owen P. asks: How often do the guys on tour replace or alter their wedges?

Ryan K. asks: Do players change their wedges bounce depending on course conditions from week-to-week?

Aman M. asks: Is the equipment that tour players use a little different from what we use?

Ben M. asks: I am going to be getting irons soon, and as a junior golfer I am looking for forgiveness but also want a good amount of workability. Would I notice a difference in workability or forgiveness in the CBs from the AP2s?

Otis T. asks: What is your feedback on flighted irons? I am trying to achieve a higher flight and longer carry for my 4-6 irons; is this the way to go? I just ordered a set of AP2 irons with Project X flighted shafts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


William P. asks: It seems to me – and to others that I talk to – that hybrid clubs are very easy to hook too much. Is there anything you do for tour players to adjust their hybrid clubs to lessen the tendency for these clubs to hook?

J.J. writes: "William, historically if a player was having issues with a Titleist hybrid we would spend a lot of time with his club in our Tour Van bending molds or reshafting (often to heavier or stiffer shafts) to take the left out it.  With the SureFit Tour hosel, this has become a much faster process. Now we can click in a new shaft in seconds, and often moving the club to a flatter position from standard. For example, moving to the B•1 (standard loft, -.75º flat) setting can make all the difference in the world."

From Rob K.: What driver and fairway woods seem most popular on the tour: 910D2 or D3? 910F or Fd? How has the feedback been from the guys on the Sure Fit Tour Hosel?

J.J. writes: "Rob, as you can see on the Golf Channel's coverage of the Nationwide Tour, there are a lot of unique swings, setups and styles of play. Having the option of the 910D2 or 910D3, 910F or 910Fd, as well as 16 Surefit Tour hosel positions, gives us a lot of options to get the perfect trajectories and directions for these players.

"The majority of our players on the Nationwide Tour play the 910D3, mostly due to the lower spin characteristics of the D3 head as well as the increased workability. Many players out here are very high ball speed players and fight too much spin (See: Titleist Brand Ambassador Luke List, who is averaging 311 yards off the tee with his 910D3 driver). Having the option between the two heads allows our players to lock in ideal launch and spin while selecting their preferred head shape.

"On a tour-caliber golf course you also need your 3-wood to do a lot of different things – find fairways off the tee, hit high cuts into par-5s, and provide that extra gear on longer shots when necessary. This makes it a very unique and difficult club to fit perfectly. Many players like the versatility of the 910F, others enjoy the very low spin option in the 910Fd. Either way, the SureFit Tour hosel allows us to dial in the 3-wood head and setting to the player's wants and needs."

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