Webcast Replay: The Facts About Golf Ball Performance and Fitting

Team Titleist would like to thank everyone that logged in for our latest Titleist Golf Ball R&D Webcast, which aired live May 4 here on Titleist.com.

During the 30-minute broadcast, hosts Bill Morgan, Senior Vice President of Golf Ball R&D, and Mary Lou Bohn, Vice President of Golf Ball Marketing and Titleist Communications, discussed the facts about golf ball performance and fitting and answered some questions asked by Team Titleist members in our Golf Balls Discussions section.

Topics included:

• Titleist golf ball construction and technology;
• Golf ball design and performance attributes;
• Player testing and fitting (tour players and amateurs); and
• Common misconceptions of golf ball performance and fitting.

You can watch the entire Webcast in the videos below:

PART 1 (Product development process; Elements of golf ball design; Tour player testing and fitting):

PART 2 (Benefits of golf ball fitting; Playing the same golf ball model; Science of swing speeds):

PART 3 (Player ability vs. golf ball selection; Performance attributes of all Titleist golf ball models; Effects of temperature, time on golf ball performance): 

Thanks for watching! If you missed our New Pro V1 & Pro V1x Webcast earlier this year, you can watch it at this link.

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10 Replies

  1. david r

    I play the pro v1x and I play to a 7 handicap . Which ball would best suit my game during colder periods say 50 to 60 degrees in temperature that would give me the same performance ad distance I currently get with the Pro v1x. Swing speed around 101 mph

  2. Dan M

    Does being part of team titleist have any advantages?  Such as reduced prices for balls or equipment.  Part of the process of joining led me to believe I would be asked to try verious things to provide feedback.  Is there a program for amiture golfers (6.8 handicap) to become a real team player?

  3. Doug L

    I remember the old days of using the 100 compression DT's in the summer, but would lose distance in the cold of winter.  I decided to try the Lady titleist (red) because it was softer and what a difference. Guys teased me til I smoked it by them. Today, however, all of the Titleist balls have lower compression, so  the cold temps don't have the effect on them.  Thanks for producing great products!

  4. Frank L

    I participated in two different Titleist ball tests – recently started hitting the newest (red ball/square ball) balls in play. Are they legal to use? Will someone ever let us know what ball they actually are in order to buy them?

  5. Kim L

    I primarily play the ProV and on occasion, the ProV1x, and my handicap is a struggling and northward moving 6.  Please comment on the impact on ball flight when a ball has a play-related defect.  Specifically, if there is a scuff (slight or heavy) on the ball from hitting a cart path, or perhaps a slight dent from hitting a tree... not that I would ever do that of course.  Also, what if a ball has been sitting in water for a period of time?  Many of us keep those old 'nearly perfect' balls in our bag, and I'm thinking that you might suggest that I lower the weight of my bag by moving a few hundred of these to my shag bag and never even consider playing a precious round of golf with a ball with so many additional variables injected.  Thanks.  (feel free to send me the royalty check for the massive purchase of new Titleists when all of us hear what I anticipate will be your answer).  My email address is kimlangenberg@mchsi.com.  Thanks again.

  6. Gerry M

    I KEEP hearing the new pro v1 and pro v1x.Does that mean the old ones are now obsolite?

  7. pineywoodsgolfdoctor

    The presentation was very good. The information presented was very good and presented in a way that "kept" your attention. To me, that is very important! I am going to share this "webinar" with as many golfers as I can. Having been in the golf business (Director of Junior Golf, Club Fitter, Club Repair) for the last 14 years, I learned a lot that I did not know or just took for granted. Thank you for taking the time to share this info with us.

  8. Mike F

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. thomas m

    Great stuff, I think as a golf culture our focus is so much on distance off the tee and not on scoring.  It is every magazine issue (in 20+ years of golf I should have added at least 1000 yards to my drive) and that drives the view of ball fitting via launch monitor and swing speeds.  You match that together with cost and "I don't have a consistent swing, how is a consistent ball going to make a difference" and the average golfer thinks: give me a cheap ball that gets me long off the tee and what are the characteristics of that ball.  So I like the comments on consistency, the focus on scoring and that you got a bit into the lower price options from Titleist with comparisons.

    I get the part about driver has greater velocity than rest of clubs but that still doesn't mean that a slow swingspeed player by benefit from a "lower compression" ball.  I think this is where your story can use a bit more launch monitor backing.  Prove out that say an NXT Tour, a V1x or a DT Solo eseentially play the same distance as a Bridgestone "slower swing" ball because distance does still matter in scoring as every 10 yards means another club generally closer raising my chance to hit it tight.  

    So I agree in focus on scoring, focus on feel, consistency, greenside performance and "fitting by playing" but match that with some science or show us the research and put that story to bed.

  10. Tyler H

    That's for the inside look.