Video: Steve Stricker's Hole-In-One and Memorial Highlight Reel

Titleist Brand Ambassador Steve Stricker's victory last weekend at The Memorial Tournament came with a lot of perks, including a big winner's check, a crystal trophy and a jump to No. 4 in the world ranking.

On Friday, he also happened to earn the No. 1 Top Play on "SportsCenter" – a feat that never goes unnoticed – with his hole-in-one at Muirfield Village's par-3 8th hole (his 17th hole of the day) during Round 2.

The yardage was 186 yards, with wind blowing a bit left to right. Steve pulled his AP2 6-iron and hit his normal draw, holding his Pro V1x golf ball up against the wind on line toward the flagstick.

The ball landed about 5 feet from the stick, bounced slightly and rolled into the hole for Steve's second-career PGA Tour ace.

"I didn't see how it went in, but it looked like it went in fairly nicely, like a putt," he told ESPN. "It's a shock when you see that go in, obviously, but in a good way, a great way to finish the round."

After the round, Steve signed the Pro V1x and gave it to his scorer for the round. (He had also birdied his final hole with the ball.)

You can watch a replay of the ace in the video below:

• But that wasn't Steve's only highlight reel-maker.

At the start of Round 3, officially just three holes later, Stricker stood 114 yards dorm the cup at the par-4 second hole. He pulled his Vokey Design Spin Milled 254•10º (bent to 53•09º) and sent his Pro V1x golf ball soaring to 3 feet behind the pin. The ball checked up and spun back into the hole for eagle.

"I had a pretty good feeling that this could be my week when you start doing these hole-outs from the fairways and things like that," Steve said.

Check out a replay of the shot in the video below:

• Sunday's "Wow!" came on the par-3 12th, where Steve was faced with a daunting 50-foot bunker shot from a downslope with a downhill lie, with little green to work and water looming.

Again, he pulled his Vokey Design Spin Milled 254•10º (bent to 53•09º). The Pro V1x popped into the air, landed on the edge of the rough then rolled to 11 inches for a tap-in par. .

"It was one of those shots that just came off perfect," he said. "You know, you think about it, what you want to do. You pick your spot, but for it to actually happen and bounce through the rough like it did is really a bonus."

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5 Replies

  1. Paul P

    What a great win for golf. One of the nicest guys on tour who is a Chrisitian and has seen all of the ups and downs one man should endure. Class Act.

  2. Justin O

    Steve's sand shot on the 12th hole was a thing of beauty.  I'm not sure if many people know how small of a spot he had to land that ball for it to end up where it did?  6" further and it's in the water....6" shorter it stays in the rough.  Amazing!!

  3. Doug L

    A  great guy, great golfer, and a great tournament!  Titleist is fortunate to have him on the Team!

  4. eagle3

    Just some fantastic play by one of the classiest players on the Tour. Stricker is really beginning to come into his own and at 44 he is still one of the best on tour.

  5. Tyler H

    He was a putting machine at the end. A great win for Steve Stricker and the Titleist Family