Video: A Closer Look at the New Vokey Design SM4 Wedges

A couple weeks ago at The Barclays, Master Craftsman Bob Vokey and Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill spent an action-packed three days on the range at New Jersey's Plainfield Country Club, working with players as they tested the new Prototype Titleist Vokey Design Spin Milled 4 (SM4) wedges for the first time.

Bob and Aaron dedicated most of their time that week to in-depth range sessions with our Titleist Brand Ambassadors, gathering feedback and answering questions about the features and new technology of the SM4 wedges.

One of those sessions was also spent with Team Titleist, which you can watch in the above video.

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5 Replies

  1. TERRY S

    It's about time we can get some of the special grinds and a good 46 degree wedge!

  2. David Browning Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

    I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas presents, but, months a head of time. I can't wait until I get mine.

  3. David N

    Malte -- Oil Can wedges will be available left hand via a custom order.  We hope the lefties will like this alternate finish option.  

    Stuart -- the TVD56 from WedgeWorks has a TVD grind vs. an M grind in the new 56.11.  They are similar but the TVD has a narrower crescent shaped sole and slightly more bounce.  Hope this helps.  

  4. stuart c

    These look great, thanks for posting the video.  Can you tell me how close the new 56 11 is to the 56 TVD that I got off Is that my new 56 for this winter?

  5. Malte G

    would be interestig to know if the black nickel and oil can finishes will be finally available for lefthanded people aswell....