Video: How to Make Consistent Contact (featuring Mark Blackburn)

"Why don't I make consistent contact with the ball?"

That's a question often heard by PGA Professional Mark Blackburn, Director of Golf for Blackburn Golf and one of Team Titleist's newest contributors. Mark is also a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor as well as the swing coach for several PGA Tour players including Titleist Brand Ambassador Robert Karlsson and Pro V1x loyalist Heath Slocum.

In the above video, Mark offers a couple quick tips for improving your pivot and making consistent contact from both the tee and the turf.

You can expect more video tips from Mark over the next weeks and months right here on Team Titleist.

For more on Mark and his teaching philosophy, please visit his website at

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1 Replies

  1. Allen P

    Not good. Right shoulder needs to get deep not up. Also right hip is higher then left which fosters working underneath thus resulting in into "fat" or "thin' shots.