Rickie Fowler Goes to Four Vokey Wedges in Breakthrough Victory

While Titleist Brand Ambassador Rickie Fowler has never been considered a tinkerer, the 22-year-old made a tweak to his equipment setup at last week's Kolon Korean Open that helped him capture his first professional victory.

For the first time in his career, Fowler played the Kolon Korean Open with four Vokey Design Spin Milled Wedges: 48•10º (bent to 47º), 50•08º (bent to 51º), 55•12º and 60•L (bent to 59º).

"I had always played 47-, 53- and 59-degree wedges," Rickie said earlier this week in an interview with Golfweek.com. "I had two weeks off prior to Korea. I worked with four wedges in the bag. It made me feel more comfortable within 130 yards or so. I had more comfortable swings with wedges."

 Rickie, who shot rounds of 67-70-63-68 at Woo Jeong Hills CC to finish at 16 under and win by six shots, said in the interview that he decided to make the change after taking a closer look at his statistics with caddie Joe Skovron.

Putting a fourth Vokey in the bag reduced the yardage gaps between Rickie's wedges, thereby improving his distance control and increasing the odds of hitting it closer to the hole.

"(We) noticed my rankings in that scoring zone, inside 150 yards, weren’t great and needed some attention," Rickie told Golfweek.com. "Outside of 200 yards, last time I looked, I was in the top three (in proximity to the hole).

"It’s great to be a top player from outside 200 yards, but I’d rather be that good from inside 100 yards. We felt like we should pay some attention to that. This was the start of that."

Rickie is continuing a four-Vokey setup this week at the PGA Tour's McGladery Classic at Sea Island (Ga.) Golf Club, the second-to-last event of the 2011 PGA Tour season.

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6 Replies

  1. David Browning Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

    Congrats Mr. Fowler! I must agree. Having an excellent short game is a must.

  2. MLB12

    That's my question what club in the bag did he drop??

  3. Lou G

    In regards to Gary M's comment - I had my 54-11 bent to 55 because I have a comfort zone with a 55-12 SW.  

    The 50-08 bent to 51 would be more effective for long bunker shots with the degree of added bounce.  Likewise the 48-10 would be 47-09 and probably Rickie is comfortable with a 9 deg bounce on his wedges.

  4. Won S

    Congrats Rickie! Did you try any Kimchi while you were in Korea? It's not for most Americans.

  5. Gary M

    Wouldn't bending a wedge (like Rickie's 50, bent to 51) affect the bounce? Since the included angle between the sole and the face are fixed, bending a 50-08 wedge to 51 degrees of loft would effectively increase the bounce to 9 degrees.

    If you are going to bend a wedge to adjust the loft, do you start with a loft-bounce combo that is going to result in the desired bounce angle after the clubhead is bent to the desired loft angle?

  6. alex d

    Anyone know what club he dropped to make room?