How to Hit the 60-Yard Wedge Shot (Featuring Titleist Brand Ambassador Greg Chalmers)

Titleist Brand Ambassador Greg Chalmers, winner of last weekend's Australian Open, might not be among the longest hitters in golf, but his short game certainly goes the distance.

Consider the following statistics:

• Greg ranked No. 1 this year on the PGA Tour in Scrambling (the percent of time a player misses the green in regulation, but still makes par or better) at 65.17 percent.

• He finished second in Sand Save Percentage, getting up-and-down from the bunker 103 of 167 times (61.68 percent), just as he did Sunday in Australia on the 18th hole to secure a one-shot victory.

• And he was 16th in Approaches from 50-75 yards, averaging 11 feet, 8 inches from the hole, probably one of the trickiest shots in golf.

Today, we're focusing in on that last one.

Armed with one of his Vokey Design Spin Milled wedges and plenty of Pro V1x golf balls, Greg tells Team Titleist what he's thinking about when faced with a 60-yard wedge shot and offers a couple tips for hitting it close.

Check it out on the above video.

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9 Replies

  1. Paul B

    Lou G must be a pro ;)

    I think getting the ball there and holding pin high is the challenge. I agree on the forward lean, which a lot of players don't do. I see a bunch of folks leaning back thinking they need to get the ball in the air, and that will promote a flop, which is incorrect. I also think this shot depends on how you want to get the ball there, chip/pitch/flop etc.

    good tip though! next tip needed is long greenside bunker shots!

  2. david b

    clear & simple good video

  3. curtis m

    I have played golf for almost thirty years. But recently i had both knees replaced

    and just fixing to go at it again hard!!!. i am 60 years of age but i am hoping to

    play well again.

  4. Joey

    It might be easy for Lou but it's not a piece of cake for the majority of us.  Nice advice, I've found that keeping the large muscles as my focus makes the entire game that much easier.

  5. Morgan M

    I think stacking the left side and swinging with the shoulders is what helped me get some touch from 60 yards. It took a while to develop a technique that worked. My home course requires that shot to an elevated green right of the first hole.

  6. Benjamin L

    Wouldn't say a 60 yard pitch shot is an easy shot at all. Its a touch shot, and with any touch shot it becomes the hardest in the "shot category".  It hard because its very inconsistent until you truly master all the pieces it takes to get the right flight, distance control and ball control once it gets close to the stick.

  7. travis y

    It suprises me that we havent seen more good things from chalmers considering scrambling well is a huge benefit in pro golf

  8. thomas m

    this is a great little tip, I think too often when it is wedge we think creative and hands and this puts it more on the line of putting - let the big muscles control because that provides the consistency.  That combined with the lack of facilities to train the short game makes 60 yards and in a troublesome part of the game.

  9. Lou G

    Don't know why people fuss so much about a 60 yard pitch shot.  Half swing pitch with 9 iron, full pitch with GW, fully choked golf shot with SW or full swing with a LW (this is for those of us that hit average distance).

    That's one of the easiest shots in golf.