Update: Team Titleist Holiday Giveaway Grand Prize**

***UPDATE: Jonathan S. is the winner! Thanks to everyone for entering and sharing your favorite memories from 2011!

This just in: Our Team Titleist Holiday Giveaway has gotten even better.

Waiting for us inside Team Titleist headquarters this morning was a package from Scotty Cameron in a bright yellow box (pictured above).

 Inside: A brand-new Scotty Cameron Newport putter and a note from Scotty asking us to add this to our 31-day giveaway.

Of course, we obliged.

And now it's the Grand Prize.

On Jan. 4, we will randomly draw one name from the list of our 31 daily winners. Not long after, the putter will be delivered to that person's doorstep.

As of today (Friday, Dec. 15), you still have 16 opportunities to win one of the 31 daily prizes and qualify yourself for the Grand Prize drawing.

 TO ENTER, please click here.

Sweepstakes rules and a complete list of prizes can also be found at that link.

(Sorry, U.S. only. Here's some more info: Why is this Titleist sweepstakes U.S. only?)

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35 Replies

  1. Edgar F

    Best memory of 2011, happened yesterday when I hit my first golf ball at the driving range :0). Happy Holidays everyone!!!

  2. John H

    31 Gifts:  My favorite memory is Playing a round with my 10 year old son and letting him drive (until the marshall came running after us and told us he was too young to drive!).  Thanks Titleist!

  3. Brent Wells

    very nice grand prize

  4. Tom V

    Great Great Great Great Great Great Great

  5. Mark T

    My favorite moment was the final round of US open and the shot McLeroy hit on the par 3 # 10. Great shot under pressure with a huge gallery. Thanks again Mr. Cameron for donating such a great putter. The Scotty Cameron Newport is truly a piece of art.

  6. Russell C

    I have the older Scotty Caeron with the Gun metal finish.  The Florida humidity took its toll and a bit of rust set in.  While its still a great putter it's about time for a new one.  

  7. Tom V

    This is really nice putter but I would trade it for a LONG KOMBI

  8. Steve H

    WOW! That would be awsome to win.

  9. Tim Tiger Club Champion

    Awesome addition to an already great month.

    My brother already won something, maybe I will.

    Good luck all and Happy Holidays.

  10. richard g

    i want to win please

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