New Vokey TVD SM4 Wedges Coming Soon to WedgeWorks

Here's a New Year's resolution you can count on from Master Craftsman Bob Vokey: In 2012, Vokey Design TVD SM4 Wedges, featuring Titleist's new SM4 groove technology, are coming to WedgeWorks.

The Vokey Team will begin taking orders on beginning Jan. 11, 2012 – to be exact.

Vokey SM4 grooves feature entirely re-engineered scorelines up to the limit of the new USGA groove rule. With 17 scorelines and tighter spacing, the new TVD SM4 wedges will produce a lower launch with more backspin. TVD SM4 wedges also feature a localized heat treatment in the impact area for longer lasting spin retention. And every groove is 100-percent inspected.

 Like all offerings through WedgeWorks, Vokey TVD SM4 wedges will be completely customizable to match your personality and game – from toe engraving, personalized stamping, paintfill, grips, shafts, ferrules and shaftbands. Strong or weak, upright or flat, short or long – the choice is yours.

The TVD SM4 wedges will be immediately available in five lofts (52•08º, 54•10º, 56•12, 58•08º and 60•08º) and two finishes (Bright Brushed Chrome and Black Oxide).

In Spring 2012, a 50•08º model will be added to mix. This versatile gap wedge features the crescent shaped TVD sole and can be used to hit a variety of full, pitch, and chip shots.

Additional custom options available in 2012 include the BV Clover Toe Engraving (pictured below) and several new grips in a variety of colors, including the Vokey VDR grip from Golf Pride.

Laser Etching and Weight Porting will also be available as options on all new WedgeWorks wedges, including the Vokey Design 200 Series wedges in C-C groove configuration.

What will your one-of-kind TVD SM4 wedge look like?

Click the image below for a closer look at the new TVD SM4 wedges and WedgeWorks custom options, or
click here to download the 2012 WedgeWorks Brochure (.pdf).

Pricing: WedgeWorks Exclusives start at $150 for the 200 Series and $160 for TVD SM4 wedges.

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14 Replies

  1. Mark A

    Thanks Voke, my prayers have been answered! Can't wait for the 50.08. Will go nicely with my 54 & 58 TVDs.

    As usual, always a step ahead of the others!

  2. adam m

    Mine will be ordered by 7 am est can't wait had the m grinds last yr love em best wedges so good I wore out the grooves in one yr so time to re up to keep up the excellent touch greenside and 125 yrds and in ill be getting a 60* bent to 59* and a 56* bent to 55* been waiting since xmass to order that was my gifts from the family its been a long wait but I'm willing to bet way worth the wait thenks voke for all the good wedges

  3. Hotsauce

    Looking great Vokey

  4. David Browning Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

    Looking good!

  5. Brent W

    The Black Oxide is a raw finish.

  6. Sean L

    Man, I love Titleist, and love the wedge. But seriously? No raw/oil can in the TVD line up!?

    Seriously disappointing.. REALLY let down here. I waited to hold off to get a raw finish...

  7. Michael H

    Curious what you think about how the TVD 58 will play compared to the SM4 58.09 versus the SM4 58.12?  I'm in the market for a higher bounce option for my 58, I would almost certainly go with 58.12 if I get the SM4, so how would this new TVD compare?

  8. Sean A

    I think the wedges look awesome. Particularly the new clover emblem... very sweet... would love to find one of those in my stocking this christmas

  9. Matt S

    Shoot! - I just purchased the 2009 models! Looks like I am going shopping!

  10. Peter M

    As soon as the snow is gone, they will find the way in my bag :-)

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