Video: Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill Answers Your Wedge Questions (Part 1)

It was great hanging out with Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill, Bob Vokey's right-hand man, Monday afternoon at The Honda Classic. Aaron stepped away from the grinders for a bit to answer wedge questions sent in by Team Titleist members and our Twitter followers.

You can check out several of those answers in the videos below. We'll be posting more of Aaron's Q&A later in the week here on the Titleist Tour Blog.

Paul F. asks: Recently was fitted for irons at TPI and was provided a recommendation of AP2 with KBS Tour shafts (stiff). Would it be logical to carry the same shafts into the Vokey wedges?

James S. asks:
I am a 15 handicap and I am looking for new wedges. Could you please suggest to me the best wedge system that would fit my game?

Scott M. asks:
With tight conditions, do you expect to see wedges with less bounce being used?

David J. asks:
For the common amateur, what three wedges would you recommend he/she carry?

Keygan S. asks:
How much bounce do the diggers/drivers prefer?

Matthew S. asks:
How did you get to where you are now in your career? Other than Voke, who was/is your biggest influence?

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1 Replies

  1. Matthew S Club Champion Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

    Awesome work Team Titleist. Thanks for the response Aaron!!