Video: Scotty Cameron Tour Rep Kelley Moser Answers Your Questions (Part 1)

Scotty Cameron Tour Rep Kelley Moser's office is the Titleist Tour Van. And the practice green. (Well, about 30 practice greens.)

Kelley spends most of the year travelling around the country to PGA Tour events, working with players on the practice greens and building and tweaking Scotty Cameron putters inside the van.

Last week at The Honda Classic, Kelley took some time to answer putter questions sent in by members of Team Titleist and our Twitter followers.

We've posted several of those answers in the videos below. We'll be posting more of Kelley's Q&A soon here on the Titleist Tour Blog.

Brian asks: How many putters are you making adjustments to each week on Tour (loft, lie, length, grip)?

Guy asks:
What role does putter length have in the proper setup? I am 6' tall and I feel like my 35" putter is too long.

Many Team Titleist members are wondering...
When will the new Scotty Cameron Select putters be available?

Elliott asks: Since the putters have been on tour a while now, how have the black finishes on the Select line been holding up over time?

Kris L. asks:
What's the preferred head weight on Tour?

John W. asks:
What's the best thing about your job? Do you need an assistant?

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1 Replies

  1. memphisunited

    Great Q&A with Kelley.  I've talked to Kelley a few times at the St. Jude Classic while taking photos and once at the Vegas stop.   All of the Titleist guys are really nice and seem to love their jobs.  I'm envious...and waiting for some marketing jobs to open up at Titleist :)