Video: Team Titleist Members Test Prototype Titleist Golf Balls

Last year, we invited Team Titleist members in five cities around the country to come out to the course and test new prototype Titleist golf balls.

At Titleist, the R&D process is constant, with prototype and test golf balls being developed throughout the year. Most never make it past initial stages, others end up at various stages of golfer testing, whether at our testing facilities or on course with PGA Tour players or Team Titleist members.

The feedback the Titleist Golf Ball R&D team receives during these testing sessions is crucial in the design and development of the products that go to market. Once a Titleist golf ball is in the final stages, we then validate it through more golfer testing.

The golf balls tested by Team Titleist members last year were prototypes of the new NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo golf balls, which first appeared on pro shop shelves early this year.

In the above video, Team Titleist members talk about their overall experience participating in this particular test panel.

To be eligible for future prototype golf ball and golf club testing, please make sure that you have registered for Team Titleist and that you have completed your Team Titleist profile.

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11 Replies

  1. William K

    I hit the Titleist prototype balls sent to me, with the red numbers. Loved them. It would be nice to know which ball they are!

  2. Dan S

    This year's test balls are better than previous years.  Great distance and not much spin.  Around the greens I found them a little too hard.  I am used to the Pro V1 and these came off the putter a lot harder.  They didn't bite as well on partial shots but stop good on full shots.

    I would put these on a par with the NXT balls and think they are most impressive with the driver.

  3. Mike S

    While testing one of your prototype golf balls, I was lucky enough to make a hole in one. The date was 10/09/2012 at Highland Springs Golf Course, Rock Island, Il. The hole was playing 141 yards, I hit a 6 hybred. So I think the prototype golf ball with the red number 1, is the best ball I ever hit. Thank you. PS. that was my first.




  5. Bill C

    I was part of this test last year and really hit the test balls well!  In fact I hit one of the longest drive I ever hit in my life with one of those TEST balls...  I have no idea which ball I had and if I knew I would switch to that ball.  

    Thanks Team Titleist

  6. elijah b

    I have been a team titleist member for years. How do you get to be on the R&D list to test the balls? I would love to give them a try an send in my opinion. Thank you for putting out the best balls and clubs everything in my bag is titleist brand except my putter.

  7. TWShoot67

    That's awesome. I wish I could have been one of the few the proud of the Team Titleist Testers! I was lucky enough to test a sleeve of the pro v1X balls last year. I wish I could do it every year. I'm one of the biggest equipment junkies alive and i'm always interested in what's in development as we are playing this years ball.

  8. Gary B

    I would like to try the new NXT Tour S Yellow & Velocity ball~I done the test last year but didn't know which balls is it. Still using NXT Tour

  9. Jyrki S

    I like to try yellow balls here in Finland on ice and snow.

  10. Rhys J

    How do you get these prototype balls to test?

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