A Day on Tour with Master Craftsman Bob Vokey

Master Craftsman Bob Vokey spends several weeks each year on the PGA Tour, working with the game's best players, studying various shots and swings, gathering feedback and taking notes, all the while making sure players are dialed in to their Vokey Design Spin Milled wedges

"I've got the best R&D department in the world – the PGA Tour," he says.

Last week, Bob was in the Big Easy for the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. As usual, he spent most of his time bouncing back-and-forth between the Titleist Tour Van and the TPC Louisiana practice areas, often reaching into his back pocket for his pen and trusty notebook to take notes.

On Tuesday, Bob let Team Titleist tag along from sunrise to sunset to see what a day on Tour is like for "The Voke" ...

6:00 a.m.: Early wake-up call.

6:48: Quick stop at Starbucks to get the day started.

7:01: In the rental car. Next stop: TPC Louisiana.

8:05: First order of the day: Hand grinding a wide-sole 264.04 for a longtime Vokey loyalist.

9:10: Wedge fitting for Zurich Classic competitor David Byrne, winner of Golf Channel's "Big Break: Indian Wells."


10:20: David's new wedges are ready: Vokey Design SM4 52•08º, 56•11º and 60•07º with some pink-and-white custom snow stamping.

10:34: Back on the grinders, making a small tweak to Titleist Brand Ambassador John Peterson's SM4 60•10º.

11:15: Hanging out with some of the younger members of Vokey Nation. Say cheese!

12:30 p.m.: Lunch time. A special New Orleans treat on the range this week: Fresh-shucked oysters and crawfish from Acme Oyster Co. Mmmmm.

 11:47: The Voke puts his signature on a special prize for an upcoming Team Titleist sweepstakes. (Stay tuned!)

2:05: Bzzzzz. Bzzzzz. The BlackBerry is buzzing. Bob checks in with the Vokey R&D team back in Carlsbad on an upcoming WedgeWorks project.

2:46: Taking a first look at the new Vokey Design 2012 Titleist Tour Bag, just delivered to the Titleist Tour Van.

3:29: Pro V1x loyalist Sunghoon Kang picks Bob's brain about alternative bounce options on the new SM4 wedges.

6:00: That's a wrap! Back to the hotel.

7:05: Dinner with Dill and the Tour Team. Cheers!

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3 Replies

  1. Justinu3

    Legend... Great stuff!  Would love to spend an hour let alone a day with Voke!

  2. TWShoot67

    Hey does Aaron need a 48 year old  assistant? Would love to work for Titleist on the Tour Van. It would be a dream job for this golf equipment enthusist!

  3. The Golf Father

    I cant wait to meet up with Vokey Nation  and Team Titleist at The Patriot Cup ! # weeks and counting!