Chat Replay: Find the Best Titleist Golf Ball For Your Game

To kick off U.S. Open week, Team Titleist hosted a live chat Monday afternoon with Mike Gibson, Manager of Titleist Golf Ball Fitting.

Mike spent over an hour answering questions about the Titleist golf ball family and how to find the best golf ball for your game.

You can view a replay of the chat by clicking the play button in the box below.


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14 Replies

  1. Joe L

    When will new 714 irons be available to public purchase?

  2. Joe L

    Will the new 714 AP2 irons have the same offset as the 712 AP2 irons?

  3. Christian N

    Hi Mike, I have a question for you~~

    I used the NTX for par 3 because it has a softer feel and I have more control but for par 4 and par 5 I use DT solo because I have more distance with my driver.

    My question is does the softer balls has less ball speeds than the non softer feel?


  4. todd w

    What if my swing speed is less than 100 but i prefer the feel of the prov 1x, am i hurting myself playing the prov1x?

  5. Rick A

    I have switched to the NXT Tour from the ProV1 and am having a blast.

  6. Rick A

    I just started playing the NXT Tour and am hard pressed to go back to the Pro V1

  7. Floris H

    I usually play with a NXT Tour ball, but in the last round i played my brother kind of pranked me by changing the balls in my bag to NXT ones. It seems i hit the ball about 2 clubs further then i normally do, is that the difference in ball type, or is it more likely that other factors were part of that change?

  8. Doug S

    I play the Pro V1X ball but my swing speed is better suited for the Pro V1.  Probelm is the Pro V1 fells too soft or mushy for the driver and spins way to much.  Feels good on the irons but not Drivers and 3 woods. Is this a common issue

  9. frank s

    Always loved the pro v and played titleist my whole life until a few years ago I was realizing there was too much spin with the pro v1 so I switched to the Bridgestone rxs and I now feel there's nOt enough spin I max out at 103 with my driver make great contact with all my mid to low irons I jut couldn't control the spin with winds and it was hurting my game thoughts?

  10. Niklas T

    Hey! I'm a young boy looking for a soft ball. I hit the ball almost 300 yards, and i would like to have a ball that fits for that length, and for som spin on the greens :)

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