Titleist Prototype 913 Drivers Record First Wins On Worldwide Professional Tours

This past weekend marked a big milestone for the tour launch of the new prototype 913 drivers as Titleist Brand Ambassadors Bernd Wiesberger and Ben Kohles recorded the first official wins on the worldwide professional tours with the new 913 drivers in their bag.

Wiesberger tweeted earlier this month after one of his first test session's with his new 913D3 driver, "I don't think I have ever hit a Driver that good. Guys, you can really look forward to the new [Titleist] 913 Driver line!"

Fast forward to this past weekend and he found himself atop the leaderboard on home soil at the Lyoness Open at Diamond Country Club in Atzenbrugg, Austria. This marked the first official win for the new Titleist 913 driver and Wiesberger's second career European Tour victory (and second win of the year).

Wiesberger worked with the Titleist European Support Team to get dialed in with his new driver and landed on the Titleist 913D3 7.5º with an Aldila RIP Alpha 80 shaft and a SureFit Tour hosel setting of A•1.

Back in the United States, Ben Kohles (who finished his amateur career last week) stepped up to the tee in his first professional event with a new 913D3 in the bag and never looked back. Trusting his new 913D3 driver, Kohles finished T-1 for the tournament in driving accuracy and won in fashion by dropping a 22-foot birdie putt on the first playoff hole.

Kohles driver specs: Titleist 913D3 9.5º with a Graphite Design DI-7x shaft at 44.5" (tipped at 1") and a SureFit Tour hosel setting of D•1. 

"It's absolutely a dream come true," said Kohles, the first player to win an event on the tour in his pro debut. "What more can you ask for in your first pro event than to win? It's still a bit of shock and I'm not sure it's all sunk in yet." 

We are only a few short weeks into the tour seeding and performance validation process for the new prototype 913 drivers and the buzz on tour is continuing to build. Check out the links below for more 913 driver coverage and stay tuned to Team Titleist for the latest updates.

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8 Replies

  1. gfr207

    I'm curious, will the SureFit tip of the 910 shafts fit in the new 913 heads?

  2. Nick W

    I have a 910 D2 driver and i switched from an R11 to it and I have gained 15 yards with he 910 and plenty of accuracy.  I cannot wait for the 913 to come out for amateurs.  Titleist #1 driver in golf.

  3. Troy L

    Its going to take alot for me to switch from my 910 D2.  It is without a doubt the best driver ive ever hit!  I have the PX stiff shaft, set at B2, and I hit it a ton!  I won the long drive at a tourney I played in last week with a 342yd shot!  I also have the 910F wood that I also crush.

    I am excited to check out the new 913....just not sure its gonna be enough to change.

  4. clair s

    I left my son hit my 910 driver he said it;s mine now so I can,t wait for the 913 driver

  5. Matt F

    Equipment Updates from The Open Championship

  6. Wayne T

    i would like to know, when will the 913 available,

    is the 913 regular will look the same as the 913 prototype, it look  great.

    i have 910 D3 now, and will get fit and order 913 when available.can't wait.

  7. tony p

    Does anyone know when the 913's in LH will be available to purchase!

  8. Kevin S

    I am ready, when is it going to launch, I have the cash in pro shop credits, I am ordering one day one, let's go!!!  Tell me where to get dialed in and measured, kick the tires, light the fires, launch the fleet.  I am ready for takeoff!!!!